When you’re starting a commercial sewing project or prototyping a new design, it's vital to find a partner who can get the job done quickly and professionally—connecting with an experienced team that has the latest technology in the business can make or break your project. Unfortunately, there are plenty of industrial sewing shops available on the web with questionable practices and products. Which makes it challenging to find a quality team to help bring your project to life.


Fortunately, if you’re looking for a product you can be proud of that’s made in the USA, we’ve got you covered at Canvasworks in Cokato, MN. So whether your project is large or small, we have the technology and the know-how to get the job done. In this post, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about taking your industrial sewing or prototyping project to Canvasworks. So connect with us online or give us a call to discuss your prototyping or commercial sewing project!

These are just a few reasons Canvasworks should be your trusted partner for your next prototyping or commercial sewing project.


●        Laser measuring and digitizing capabilities.

●        Automated cutting with both Carlson static table and Eastman conveyor table cutting machines.

●        Fabric welding technology.

●        Large project tables


Last but certainly not least, we have more than 40 years of experience producing custom products and fulfilling OEM production sewing contracts.

Prototype to Finished Product

When introducing a new product to the market, a high-quality prototype is one of the first things you need. Not only is it a valuable tool if you're looking for investors, but it can also help you find the flaws in your design, enabling you to make changes before moving on to a production run of your new product. Here at Canvasworks, we have experience in every stage of the prototyping process, from the initial design and fabric choices to completion. So we're happy to help, drawing on our years of experience developing new products to help you take your design to the next level.


Maybe you’re unsure whether or not your idea would benefit from a prototype before taking it further in the production process. We can assure you that it will! A well-designed prototype does a lot for any idea, including:


●        Bringing your concept to life, highlighting dimensions and features, allowing you to see the product in real life.

●        Giving you a physical sample to share with your investors, customers, or clients.

●        Helping you and your team identify and iron out any design flaws or challenges in production.

●        The opportunity to start pre-production product testing quickly.

●        Finally, it allows you to explore multiple design options such as different textures, finishes, and colors

Protecting Your Investment

When you work with our team, you can trust us to protect your company’s intellectual property just as we would our own. As custom metal fabrication and sewing experts with several patented products, we understand how important it is to protect your proprietary information.

Commercial Sewing Projects

No matter how large or small your production sewing project is, we can accommodate it. Our digital fabric cutting machines cut fabric accurately, quickly, and your patterns are digitized to reduce fabric waste. These are just some of the types of production projects we’ve worked on:


●        Bimini shades for zero turn mowers

●        Soft doors for green vehicles

●        Grill covers

●        Outdoor fireplace covers

●        Motor covers

●        And more


For more information, check out our Manufacturing & Prototyping page, then give us a call at 320-559-0165 or contact us online to set up a meeting with our design team today.