It’s that time of year to start thinking about all of the summertime boat adventures just ahead on the horizon. But before you go out on the water this season, make sure you’re prepared for any emergencies that could arise.


At Canvasworks in Cokato, we specialize in manufacturing boat covers, canopies, bimini tops, and custom boat upholstery, and we love going out on the water as much as anyone! To help you enjoy a safer boating season, we’ve put together this helpful guide to planning your emergency boating kit.


Use this list to make sure you have a safer summer, and give us a call to order your custom boat upholstery and marine products!

Start With a First Aid Kit

Every boat needs a well-stocked first aid kit. The ability to administer first aid can greatly improve outcomes for anyone waiting on first responders to arrive, especially when you’re out on the water. Be sure your first aid supplies are adequate for the number of passengers you’ll have on board. After putting together your first aid kit, be sure to place it in a safe location on your boat that’s easy to access in an emergency.


Make sure you have all of these supplies in your first aid kit:


●        Antiseptic and antibiotic

●        Different sizes of bandages

●        Gauze

●        Hypoallergenic tape

●        Butterfly clips

●        Cold packs

●        Stainless steel scissors and tweezers

●        Burn gel

●        Swiss army knife

●        Non-latex gloves

●        OTC pain medication

●        OTC motion sickness medications

●        Fabric for a sling

●        Pedialyte

●        Any regular prescription medications

●        Hypothermia shock blanket


Additionally, take the time to brush up on your first aid techniques including CPR and wound care so you’ll be confident to safely administer first aid if needed.

Communication Supplies

When you're out on the lake, communication is a lifesaving tool. The first step to communication begins before you ever leave the shore. By leaving a float plan with someone on shore ahead of time, you’re protecting yourself and your passengers if an emergency should arrive.


Additionally, make sure your phones are completely charged before you set out, and consider adding an additional remote power source to your emergency kit. You should also bring a handheld radio if you don’t already have a radio device for communication in your boat since you may not be able to get a wireless phone signal.


Keep extra batteries handy and make sure everyone onboard knows how to contact emergency services if necessary. Additionally, you should also pack an emergency horn and visual distress signals including a three-day supply of flares, an SOS flag, and an SOS signal light. Be sure to keep everything stored away safely in a watertight container.

Other Emergency Boating Supplies

In addition to a first aid kit and the communication tools mentioned above, make sure your boat is stocked with all of the following:


●        Fire extinguisher

●        Floatation devices

●        Sunscreen

●        Non-perishable food

●        Oars or paddles

●        A collapsible bucket for bailing

●        Binoculars

●        Compass

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