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8 Steps to Protecting Your Boat's Upholstery

Your boat's upholstery is an important part of your comfort. Cracks, holes, and stains make it hard to enjoy your leisure time on the water and decrease the value of your boat. While marine upholstery is made to resist the harsh sun, salt, and water, proper maintenance is vital to avoid big damage. Use these tips to preserve the integrity of your boat's upholstery and avoid exorbitant reupholstering costs:

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Proper care and cleaning of your new awning

After you’ve gone through all the effort of designing and getting your new awning installed you want to make sure you get the longest lifespan out of it possible. Not only do you want it to last, but you want it to look good while making your business or home stand out!

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Proper care and storage of your new boat cover.

You've invested in a custom fit boat cover to protect your investment. Now you need to are for your new cover properly so it can provide protection for years to come.

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The Do's and Don'ts of Caring for Your Boat's Upholstery

Your boat’s upholstery is one of the most important ways to really showcase your personal style. It’s also something that takes the comfort of a day out on a lake to a whole different level!

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Why do you need a custom boat cover?

Custom boat covers. What's the point? You can just call up some canvas company you found online and they'll send the stock cover on over, right? 

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Indoor boat storage or Re-usable Winter Storage Covers? Two more options for winter boat storage.

Storing your boat indoors over the winter is a popular method for the obvious reason of complete protection from the elements.

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Shrink wrapping or tarps? Two options for winter boat storage.

The first two methods of winter boat storage we are going to explore are shrink wrapping and using a tarp.

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Options for Storing Your Boat over the Winter

Winterization and winter boat storage are of utmost importance if you wish to keep your boat in prime condition for years to come.

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Was the first pontoon boat built in Minnesota even earlier than originally supposed?

Originally it was thought that the first one was created in 1952, but from the looks of the article in the Minneapolis Star the concept actually first appeared in 1939.

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Maintaining Your Marine Upholstery

Your boat upholstery is an intrinsic part of the comfort of your boating outings. Not only does it provide a comfortable place to relax, it also allows you to impart your own sense of style to your boat.

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