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Training Tools

Get Ready for the Hunt with Dog Training Tools Made in Minnesota

As a family of seasoned hunters and competitors, we believe live birds are a critical part of any training plan. At the same time, we know you don’t want to train your dog with wild birds right off the bat. Any wild bird you find has probably outrun foxes, coyotes, hawks, and bobcats to avoid becoming dinner; an inexperienced dog doesn’t stand much of a chance. So he’ll fail, and fail again, and pretty soon he gives up on trying to produce birds.

Training with pen-raised birds is the solution – and the source of inspiration for our bird bags and duck hoods. Like many of our products, we designed them out of personal necessity, and liked them so much we added them to our lineup. Incorporate them into your training plan with live birds, and your dog will be motivated to find birds every time he’s turned loose in the field.

Bird Bags

Bird Bags

Our bird bags are an essential tool for anyone training dogs or any club putting on an event. Use the bag to transport your birds to the training field with ease, or to organized performance events where planting a large number of birds is a must. Most professional trainers believe the bird bags pay for themselves within two weeks due to decreased wear and tear on the birds. They also work great for transporting bumpers and other training equipment.

The mesh material prevents odors and allows for drainage, easy cleaning, and quick drying. With quality Canvasworks materials and superior craftsmanship, like quality PVC coated polyester mesh and #10 YKK zippers, our bird bags are built to provide great service for years to come. Keep your birds dry and fly free with Canvasworks Bird Bags! Available in 23 inches by 25 inches for $28 plus shipping and handling.

Duck Hoods

Duck Hoods

Make flyer training more economical for you and more fun for your dogs. Our duck hoods are shaped specifically to fit over the duck’s head and are designed with large breathing holes. A large pull-on tab allows for easy application, while a velcro attachment keeps the hood on the duck for a fit that’s as comfortable as possible. The red color makes them easy for you to see while being low visibility for your dogs.

As with all of our products at Canvasworks, our duck hoods are made using superior quality materials. For long-lasting durability, we turn to 100 percent rip-stop polyester. Order 10 duck hoods today for $49.99 plus shipping and handling.

Other Dog Training Products

Like our duck hoods and bird bags? Make sure to check out our other dog training products:

Dogs-Up Ramps

Our Dogs-Up Ramps are an innovative product designed to help your pup loading in and out of your vehicle with ease, eliminating the stress on their joints caused by jumping up and down. Great for hunting dogs, senior dogs, pups recovering from surgery or dealing with an injury, or any dog that needs help getting in and out of the car, as well as preventing repetitive stress injuries. Learn more here.

Holding Blinds

Used to hide a retired gunner or conceal your bird dog, our holding blinds can also double as a simple hunting blind. They’re lightweight yet super durable, and easy to set up and take down. Available in multiple sizes – click here to learn more.

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At Canvasworks, dogs are a big part of our family, we are active hunters and competitors so we’ve personally tested all of our training products. We’re confident that our Dogs-Up Ramps, holding blinds, and training tools can help make training better for you and your dog.

To order bird bags, duck hoods, or any other Canvasworks product, please give us a call at 320-559-0165, or email the shop with details about what you’re looking for.

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