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Boat Covers for Winter Storage

Reusable Winter Storage Covers for Boats

Storing your boat correctly over the winter is an important step in owning a boat in northern states. Shrink wrapping is a common option for outdoor winter boat storage, but comes with its own set of issues. Not the least of which is the large amount of plastic waste every spring when the shrink wrap comes off of the boat.

Our solution to the problem of outdoor winter boat storage is our reusable winter storage covers. This is the green solution to winter boat storage!

Canvas covers for storing boats in the winter

Each winter storage cover is made out of premium 18-ounce vinyl coated woven polyester with tie down loops around the perimeter of the cover for easy use. The heavy-duty aluminum brackets tie the framework together, making sure your new winter storage cover is up to the job of winter protection. Winter storage covers are made to order, so they can be made longer than the boat in order to cover motors or other accessories.

Winter storage covers are available to ship, fit to your boat at our shop in Cokato, MN, or made to your dimensions for pick-up and at-home installation. The kits include the cover and two aluminum brackets, you supply the wood for the frame and the tie down ropes. If you opt to have your winter storage cover fit to your boat at our shop the wood for the frame is supplied and cut to size, making installing a breeze. Winter storage covers are not suitable for travel due to their height.

Contact our experienced craftsmen from Canvasworks to order a winter storage cover for your boat today!

Custom Canvasworks Marine Cover Craftsmanship

Our experienced craftsmen have been hand-crafting beautiful custom boat covers since 1979. Using state-of-the-art technology to streamline our process, we create the most expertly crafted custom marine products in the industry.

Contact our team at Canvasworks or call 320-559-0165 to discuss your options and place your order for a reusable winter storage cover today!

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