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Dogs-Up Ramps

Get a Custom Dog Ramp for Your Truck!

As a family involved in dog training, we’re always looking for ways to make the process easier and safer for our dogs. Our Dogs-Up Ramps are designed to turn loading and unloading into a low impact exercise for you and your dog!

dog walking up custom ramp to a boat

Much like our invention of the SnoCap, our Dogs-Up Ramps were first created out of necessity. An experienced hunter and dog trainer, Canvasworks owner Duane Smith wanted to protect his working dogs, who were jumping in and out of the truck all day. He knew some other trainers used ramps on their trucks, but the products he found on the market were very heavy, and didn’t fit every size of vehicle. Through a lot of ingenuity, trial, and error, the first Dogs-Up Ramp was created. Today, it’s one of our most popular items!

Aluminum framed with a fabric body and weighing in at just 8.5 pounds, our Dogs-Up Ramps are designed to cushion your dog’s body as it enters and exits your vehicle or dog box. They are covered in marine carpeting that’s durable, easy to clean, and provides a familiar walking surface for your dog. The 18-inch width stabilizes the ramp and gives your dog plenty of room. We have yet to have a dog refuse to use a Dogs-Up Ramp – usually, they have it down in just three tries!

Not only are our custom ramps great for working dogs, they are a welcome source of relief for senior dogs, pups recovering from surgery, those dealing with an injury, or any dog that needs help getting in and out of the car. Perhaps most importantly they help prevent injuries from occurring as well as reducing the stress and wear on joints that leads to early onset arthritis.

Dogs-Up Ramps are so easy to use, even a seven-week-old puppy can figure it out! See for yourself on our YouTube channel!

Size Ranges & Pricing

Dogs-Up Ramps are available in three 18-inch wide size ranges:

Dogs-Up Ramps size options

Designed for giant breed dogs, our Dogs-Up MAXX is 24 inches wide and available in a 60-inch length, still only 10 pounds; $250 + shipping/tax.

Measuring for Your Dogs-Up Ramp

  • Hold a tape measure at the height of the truck or vehicle you want to use your Dogs-Up Ramp on.
  • Slide the tape out until you find the appropriate angle. That is your ideal length.
  • Once you’ve determined your ideal length, make sure the Dogs-Up Ramp will fit in your vehicle at that length.

Protective Covers Available

Due to popular demand, we also offer protective covers for the lip of your Dogs-Up Ramp. They are easy to install on your current ladder using only two screws, and are made with the same high-quality, marine-grade carpeting as the Dogs-Up Ramp body for both durability and easy cleaning! Protective covers are $20, plus any applicable shipping and tax.

Order Your Custom Dogs-Up Ramp Today!

The first step towards ordering your Dogs-Up Ramp is figuring out the length you’ll need, which depends on the size of your dog as well as the height of the vehicle you want the ramp to lead into. Brief instructions are included above, but the best way to ensure you get the right size is by giving us a call at 320-559-0165. We will be happy to talk you through the process of measuring for your ramp, as well as answer any questions you may have.

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