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Keep Your Canvas Looking New for Years to Come

When we create a custom canvas product for you, we want it to last for years to come – and we’re sure you’d like to get your money’s worth as well. By following these care tips for your boat cover, SnoCap, or awning, or other canvas product you will get the most out of the canvas and avoid repair or replacement for as long as possible. For questions about your warranty please see the Warranties page.

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Boat Cover Care Tips

In order to keep your custom boat canvas looking new and effectively protecting your boat, here are some tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years:

Only use your cover for its intended use.

Do not use any cover that is not made for outdoor winter storage as an outdoor winter storage cover. Unless specifically designed to handle the snow loads and winter conditions, they are more than likely going to have issues when used as outdoor winter storage covers. Any cover used for outdoor winter storage that is not specifically designed to do so will have its warranty voided.

Never power wash a custom boat cover.

Power washing a boat cover will remove the finish on the canvas, shortening its effective lifespan. No soap should be used for the same reason. Boat covers treated with power washing and/or soap will begin to mold almost immediately.

Wash your boat cover gently with a soft brush and clear flowing water.

Avoid abrasive brushes that could damage the fabric, and try scrubbing gently with clean water before introducing any kind of cleaner.

Don’t store your boat cover under trees or in the shade.

This practice promotes mold growth, as mold likes to grow on damp, dirty surfaces.

Never roll your boat canvas up and leave it on the floor.

This can attract mice. Instead, tie a rope around it, and hang it from the rafters. Storing your canvas damp also promotes the growth of mold.

Make sure your cover is clean and dry before storing it.

Wet and dirty covers are prone to developing mold.

Have Canvasworks repair any holes or tears in your boat cover right away.

Take care of repairs before they compromise the integrity of your canvas. Click here for repair services.

Use tie-down ropes, not bungee cords.

Cords allow the cover to jump up and down, which can cause wearing on the canvas – not to mention, your boat.

Snap on covers have more localized stress, due to the pressure put on the small snaps.

This makes it imperative that you replace any damaged snaps right away. In most cases this is a while you wait service at our shop as well, so you don’t need to have your boat uncovered for long.

Check for the manufacturer’s care instructions.

Many textile manufacturers have specific care instructions for their fabrics. Be sure to follow them. You can typically find the care instructions on the manufacturer’s website. If you are unsure who manufactures your fabric please contact us for assistance. *Do not use bleach to clean canvas even if recommended by the manufacturer as it will rot the thread in your cover.

Summer travel/storage covers and winter storage covers have different requirements.

They are constructed in different ways and use different materials. Most winter storage covers are not suitable for travel or summer storage, and vice versa. Using a cover for a purpose not specified can void your warranty. Please let us know when ordering what the purpose of the cover is so we can make sure you are ordering the correct cover for your needs.

Awning Care Tips

In order to keep your awning looking new and make it last as long as possible, here are our time-honored tips and tricks:

Never power wash an awning.

Power washing your awning will remove the finish on the canvas, shortening its effective lifespan. Only gentle soap or a cleaner recommended by the fabric manufacturer should ever be used on your awning. Harsh cleaners and stiff brushes will remove the finish on your fabric, which can cause mold to form much more quickly.

Clean your awning regularly.

Your awning will benefit from regular light cleanings, using a soft brush and clear flowing water. There is no need to scrub hard; the goal is just to get surface dust and debris off of the awning.

Remove debris as needed.

You will want to remove any debris – especially acidic bird droppings – from your awning as soon as possible to avoid stains or color fading.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

For any fabric awning, you should follow the fabric manufacturer’s instructions for re-treating. You can typically find this information on the manufacturer’s website. If you are unsure who manufactures your fabric please contact us for assistance. *Do not use bleach to clean canvas even if recommended by the manufacturer as it will rot the thread in your cover.

Keep trees, bushes, and banners from touching your awning.

Wind will cause these objects to rub against the awning, which can cause premature wear and tear.

Address water pooling immediately.

If you have a laced-style awning and notice that water is starting to pool, address the situation immediately. Water pooling can stretch material further and cause straining.

Remove your awning before doing building maintenance.

When working above your awning, it is best to remove it while the work is being completed. Paint can be almost impossible to remove, and a dropped tool can create a rip or hole in the awning that will need to be repaired. Removing your awning will help you avoid any kind of damage.

Consider sign placement above your awning carefully.

Signs will often drip moisture, which can cause stains on your awning – especially if any of the sign parts are prone to rust.

Have any damages repaired immediately.

Even the smallest rip or tear can turn into a very expensive fix if the wind gets a hold of it. Contact us for repair services the moment you notice an issue.

Find more cleaning tips and tricks to canvas maintenance on our blog! We share helpful information with our customers on a monthly basis.

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