There is plenty to love about boating. Whether you’re a first time boat owner or a lifelong boater, there isn’t a better way to enjoy Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes. Once you have the basics; a good boat cover, emergency kit, and of course, plenty of PFDs, it’s time to start upgrading! 


At Canvasworks in Cokato, MN, we specialize in fabricating custom marine products including bimini tops, boat lift covers, boat seat upholstery, and more. To help you make the most of your lake time this summer, we’re sharing this guide to some of the best boat accessories on the market. Give us a call to order your custom boat dock covers and more!

1.   Cell Phone Accessories

Your cell phone can be your lifeline in an emergency while you’re out on the lake.

It can also take your boating experience to the next level with music, GPS, and weather just for starters.Rather than stashing it in your storage compartment or leaving it out on deck, consider installing a mobile phone cradle. Cell phone cradles are extremely affordable and can be easily installed by almost anyone. Additionally, consider installing USB charging ports so you never have to worry about getting stuck on the lake without a charge. It goes without saying, but if you haven’t already, your first upgrade should be a floating case for your phone. Accidents happen to the best of us and losing an expensive phone can definitely put a damper on the day.

1.   Cabinet Trash Can

This probably isn’t something that comes to mind when you think of upgrading your boating experience, but if  your boat doesn’t have a trash receptacle, trash can end up taking over your deck and end up in the lake. Consider installing a trash can behind your cabinet door so you can keep your clutter neatly tucked away while you’re enjoying adventures on the lake.


2.   Cooler Holder or Slide

Again, while not the sexiest of upgrades, it can definitely add enjoyment to a day on the lake. Cooler holders or mounting systems prevent your cooler from easily sliding around the deck which can be a safety hazard. Cooler slides, on the other hand, allow you to store your cooler in an out of the way space while still being able to easily access your cooler. 


    4. Mood Lighting

On the less practical side of easy boat upgrades adding colorful LED lighting is an easy way to set the mood and customize your boat. Your friends will certainly take notice when you have colorful LEDs lighting up the interior of your boat. With affordable multicolor LED lighting ropes that stick right on any surface, you can add LEDs anywhere you want them. In addition they will help you stand out at night, reducing accidents with other boats.

    5. Custom Boat Upholstery

This is definitely not a cheap option, but there is no better way to upgrade your boat’s interior. Replacing the outdated boat upholstery in your boat can make an old boat feel new again. At Canvasworks, we can customize your boat upholstery in any design and color. Check out our gallery here to see our work in action.

    6. Custom Boat Top

For the ultimate in comfort and style, add a custom fabricated bimini top, sun top, or fisherman top. Any day on the lake will be more comfortable under the shade of a boat top. Windows and curtains can complete your boat top, allowing you to enjoy a day on the lake in the worst of weather.

Call for Minnesota Boat Tops and Marine Products

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