A boat is no small investment, and from the first time you take it out on the water, you’re fighting nature to keep it in its best condition. And let’s face it: We put our boats through a lot over the years. Every time your boat is out on the water, it’s exposed to solar radiation, birds, dirt, mud, debris, and of course, water. In addition, exposure to hot and cold temperature changes and other extreme weather means your boat needs even more protection when it’s parked.


That’s why you need a quality boat cover. But which one is best for your boat? In this post from Canvasworks in Cokato, we’re taking a closer look at some of the things you’ll need to consider when choosing a boat cover manufacturer.


Check out these tips for finding the right one, and then give us a call to order yours before your next boating adventure!

Figure out what kind of cover you need first.

There are two main types of boat covers: storage and trailer covers.


As the name implies, storage covers protect your boat while being stored. They can be for summer or winter storage, and there is a definite difference. Summer storage covers, for example, a mooring cover, are designed to shed water and are made out of breathable material. The material's breathability allows water vapor to evaporate from the boat cover, keeping your boat drier. Winter storage covers are designed to withstand winter weather and use waterproof materials. Their frames are heavy-duty, and the pitch is much higher, making them unsuitable for summer storage. In addition, waterproof material will trap water vapor under the cover, leading to explosive mold and mildew growth. Travel covers fit your boat more closely to prevent flapping at highway speeds. Storage covers are unsuitable for travel and can damage your boat or sustain damage themselves. 

Steer clear of cheap boat covers.

You’ll need to choose between a custom boat cover or a universal cover. But a universal cover can be a waste of money, or worse – it can cause damage to your boat.


Universal covers are manufactured with looser tolerances to allow for differences in the boats, even within the same models. Unfortunately, this results in a boat cover that is more likely to flap and rub on your boat while traveling and allow water to pool while in storage. So in your effort to save money, you can end up costing yourself thousands of dollars in damage to the exterior and interior of your boat. 


Custom-fit boat covers are more expensive than universal covers, but you are guaranteed a cover that fits perfectly. When you purchase a custom boat cover, the manufacturer will need your boat to fabricate the cover for your boat. Custom manufacturers use several methods for fabricating a custom cover, from digital measuring to old-school, hand-fitting. Whatever the method, the result is a tight cover made specifically for your boat.

Ask about warranties.

A good boat cover is an investment in your boat. Making sure your boat cover comes with a comprehensive warranty makes sure that your investment is protected.


At Canvasworks, all of our boat covers come with warranties for five years after the date the manufacturing process is complete. Our warranties cover workmanship issues, including but not limited to weld failure, stitching failure, snap failure, and wear holes in the canvas not caused by the owner’s care or storage.


Read your boat cover manufacturer's warranty carefully. Not only will you know what the warranty covers, but it should also clarify your boat canvas's intended use. Knowing the intended use of your new boat canvas is essential. As we went over above, boat canvases are designed to be used in certain situations, whether mooring, travel, winter storage, or weather protection on the lake. Therefore, misusing a canvas can void your warranty and ruin your new boat canvas.

Order Your Custom Boat Cover in Cokato, Minnesota

What are you using to store your boat? With boating season right around the corner, now is the time to ditch that off-the-shelf boat cover and invest in your boat with a beautiful custom cover from Canvasworks. Our custom boat covers are custom-fitted and manufactured with 11.5-ounce Top Notch™ marine fabric that provides 15-plus years of protection.


To check out our products, visit our online gallery to check out our boat covers, then give us a call at 320-559-0165 or contact us online to order yours.