Materials matter, especially when they are used to protect your boating investments! That’s why the Canvasworks team doesn’t compromise for cheap fabrics or knock-off vinyl. Our marine products are designed to last. 

We believe you shouldn’t have to buy a new ill-fitting boat cover every year or a new travel cover every time you take your boat on a fishing trip to the North Shore. You deserve a custom-fitted, well-crafted cover for your boat that will last 15+ years!

In order to make that happen for you and to help you choose the correct material for your specific cover, our team works only with trusted vendors that supply products that meet our highest standards. 

Here are four of our most commonly used fabrics for our marine lines and why their materials work so well. 

Top Notch ®

Top Notch ® is a solution-dyed polyester fabric with a fluorocarbon finish from the Marlen Textiles company. This fabric is our go-to for boat covers, boat lift canopies and other custom covers.

Why is Top Notch ® the most popular choice for our boat covers, boat lift canopies, pontoon covers, and boat tops

The list is long, but we’ll give you a sampling: 

  • The 11.5-ounce marine fabric is workable but exceedingly strong and durable.

  • Highly water-resistant, yet still breathable. 

  • Along with being UV resistant, the solution-dyeing process allows it to hold its color and not fade, even after years in the sun and water. 

  • There are eleven color options available, so you’ll find one that complements your boat. 

  • It has abrasion resistance and is dimensionally stable, so it won’t sag or stretch, even with years of use. 

  • Because of its breathability, the material is mildew-resistant. 

  • It’s easy to care for with just a few cleaning recommendations from our team. 

Sunbrella ®

Another popular and good-quality material our team uses for our marine products is the Sunbrella ® marine fabrics line. With rich colors and a high-performance rating, this line boasts beauty and protection for your covers, tops, and canopies. 

We like this marine canvas for these reasons:

  • Good weather resistance that protects your boat and makes for a long-lasting cover or top.

  • It is a low-maintenance fabric that is easy to clean and resistant to mold and mildew.

  • High fade resistance, so the color looks fresh and new even after years of use. 

  • They offer a wide selection of rich, beautiful colors that make your boat stand out without compromising protection. 

Snyder Vinyl

You need uncompromising sturdiness and strength when it comes to boat lift canopies and dock house tarps. That’s why our team relies on Snyder Manufacturing’s vinyl materials. Their high-performance 13-ounce and 18-ounce laminated or coated vinyl polyester stand up to just about anything. 

Here’s what else we like about these vinyls: 

  • The abrasion resistance of these materials is phenomenal and has a high tear strength. 

  • The vinyl is heat-sealable and easy to work with, so our heat-welded seams stay tight and add lasting protection. 

  • Anti-mold and anti-fungal protection create a cleaner, more sustainable tarp. 

  • Flame retardant vinyl materials are available for even more safety. 

  • Various colors are readily available, and custom orders are available. 

Patio 500

The Patio 500 awning fabric from Herculite is a high-tenacity polyester substrate. As a high-performance composite PVC textile, its durability is perfect for boat lift canopies and awnings in both residential and commercial capacities. 

We also enjoy working with this material because:

  • The fabric is resistant to UV degradation and fading. 

  • It guards against dirt, stains, and mildew and is easy to clean. 

  • There are over 30 colors, allowing greater flexibility for color-matching boat lift canopies and awnings. 

  • Patio 500 can be digitally printed to add unique decals, company names, and more. 

High-Performance Marine Products From Canvasworks

Our goal is to always provide you with the highest quality boat covers, tops, canopies, tarps, and more. No matter what type, style, or size you need, our team is ready to produce something that performs better and lasts longer than anything you’ll find on a shelf! 

Our tarp and fabric repair services are available anytime for marine covers, tarps, and upholstery. Return your worn or damaged products to their former glory quickly so you can get back to enjoying the water! 

Contact Canvasworks today to order your custom covers and tarps and enjoy the long-lasting benefits of truly high-quality marine products.