Snap-on boat covers are a convenient and popular option for both travel and mooring covers. They’re less time consuming to remove and reinstall than tie down travel covers and the best option for mooring covers. The biggest problem with snap-on covers is the inherent weakness of having a hole stabbed through the fabric where the snaps are installed. We mitigate this flaw by reinforcing our snap line with heavy duty webbing, but it is important to keep this vulnerability in mind when caring for your snap-on boat cover. With that in mind here are our tips, tricks, and what not to do when caring for your snap-on cover!


  • Use all of your snaps, EVERY time!

    If you’ve ordered a custom boat cover the snaps have been installed on your boat to best keep your snap-on cover tightly snapped down. This prevents the boat cover from flapping, protecting your expensive boat from damage. It’s important to make sure you use all of the snaps every time you install your boat cover. Failing to do so can lead to damage to both your cover AND your boat. As we already noted, improperly snapped covers will flap in the wind, whipping back and forth on your boat, damaging the finish. This flapping also puts quite a bit of stress on the remaining snaps on your cover which can lead to more snaps coming out of your cover, multiplying your problem. It can also cause rips or fraying of the cover. That leads us to our next point.


  • Replace broken snaps and snap studs right away.

    Neglecting to replace broken snap studs on your boat or, more commonly, snap caps on your cover right away can lead to the same sort of damage to your boat as not using all of your snaps. If the snap stud on your boat has been stripped out, there are oversized snap studs available to replace the old snap without having to consider fiberglass repair. Bent snap studs are even simpler to replace with a quick stop to your local canvas shop. Replacing snaps on boat covers is a very simple process, many boat cover companies will replace a few snaps while you wait and quite a few will do it for free. If you would rather do it yourself, we put together a quick video for you to watch.


  • Clean your snap studs regularly and replace any that are corroded.

    Snap studs can quickly become clogged with dirt, wax, and other debris throughout the season. Corrosion can also take its toll over the years. All of these lead to snap-on covers that don’t fasten correctly which leads to the same problem we outlined above. The solution is to clean your snaps regularly throughout the year. When you’re winterizing your boat in the fall or getting it ready for the summer are perfect times. Another good time to clean your boat’s snap studs is right after you have polished or buffed your boat, these compounds fill up the center and the edges of the snap studs. If you’re not sure how to clean your snap studs check out this video where Duane goes over the method for cleaning them. The picture below illustrates the difference between a dirty, a corroded, and then a clean snap stud.




  • Remove and reinstall your snap on boat cover the proper way.

    This isn’t as important to the longevity of your boat cover, but it can definitely help reduce your stress. Starting at the back of your boat, snap your cover on alternating sides as you move forward to the front. Pull firmly and evenly, making sure each snap is snapping tightly into place. Now is a great time to inspect your snaps for damage! If you have difficulty snapping your cover into place you can try a tool, such as the Top-Snapper tool. We also offer EZ Grab Snap Loops for our pontoon mooring covers to make the job easier. For more tips and tricks installing your snap-on boat cover check out these videos demonstrating installation on the trailer and on the water.

Winter is almost here! Now is the time to get ahead of your end of summer projects.

Time flies and summer is quickly drawing to a close. As you start closing up your cabins, lake properties, and docks it’s the perfect time to repair you boat lift canopies, boat covers, and other canvas covers. Get it done now so you’re ahead of the crowd next spring! If you’re looking for outdoor winter boat storage solutions, check out our reusable winter storage covers. They’re the green alternative to shrink wrapping your boat! Give us a call today at 320-559-0165 or email us at  to get started.