To keep your boat in good working condition and protect your interior from the elements, it’s important to keep your boat covered when it’s not in use. It might be tempting to buy a one-size-fits-all cover right off the shelf, but not all boat covers are created equal. Because they’re meant to work for a wide range of boats, these in-the-box covers rarely fit well, which means your boat is never really protected underneath one.


One of the best ways to protect your boat is with a custom boat cover.  At Canvasworks in Cokato, we specialize in manufacturing custom boat upholstery, covers, and tarps. In this post, we’ll talk about why it’s important to use different fabric choices on different types of boat covers.

Types of Boat Covers

There are several types of boat covers available, and the type of cover you use for your boat should be determined by your specific type of boat and needs. Winter boat covers are different from the boat covers used when you’re taking your boat out regularly during the warm weather seasons. While your boat is in regular use, a boat cover is mostly used for protecting your boat while you’re traveling or storing it between uses.


These are the main differences between fabrics used for different types of covers:

●      Summer Mooring/Travel Covers

It’s important to use a breathable fabric for summer mooring and travel covers. Keeping all of the moisture out of a boat due to humid summer air and the inevitable moisture left on the boat after use is an impossible task. Highly water resistant, breathable fabrics allow this moisture to evaporate as the summer sun warms the air inside the boat. Waterproof fabrics will trap the water inside the boat, leading to mold and mildew formation. At the same time the highly water resistant, yet breathable fabrics, used for summer boat covers are not well suited for winter storage. The breathable fabrics are not slick so ice and snow are more liable to stick to it unlike the laminated waterproof fabrics. For more information about the importance of breathability in boat covers please check out our short YouTube video on the topic


●      Outdoor Winter Storage Covers

Canvasworks’ custom-designed outdoor storage covers are manufactured using premium 18-ounce woven polyester laminate coated in vinyl for added protection. This creates a completely waterproof barrier. Custom fit to your boat, it provides watertight protection from snow, ice, wind, and debris. These covers are not suitable for summer storage or travel due to their high pitch and slick, waterproof material that readily sheds ice and snow. This same waterproof material would trap moisture in the boat if used during the summer months, leading to the development of mold and mildew inside of your boat.

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Your boat is more than just a possession. Now more than ever, it’s an investment in yourself and a chance to get out and experience the natural beauty of our Minnesota lakes.


At Canvasworks, we custom manufacture winter storage covers and summer mooring covers and tarps so your boat will be there for you season after season and your upholstery will still look great. To check out examples of our work, stop by our online gallery. Give us a call at 320-559-0165 to order your custom boat canopy system or contact us online to discuss options for your boat.