It’s hard to believe autumn is upon us at last after the long, hot summer of long days and warm summer nights. But with winter and the holidays just around the corner, the weather is already starting to cool down. Here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, we’re lucky enough to enjoy some of the most breathtaking natural vistas in this great nation. Autumn splendor in Minnesota brings a vibrant color show that has inspired artists and poets alike.


Although a fall drive is a great way to take in the scenery, there is no better way to explore the colors of fall in Minnesota than an autumn color boat trip before winter arrives. As manufacturers of custom boat covers, our team at Canvasworks in Cokato loves helping our customers make the most of their time on the lake. In this post, we’ll share some of the best boating trips to view fall colors that Minnesota has to offer. Check out this guide and then give us a call to get your boat ready for winterization this year.

1.   Leech Lake

With plenty of places to camp and affordable boat slips and trailer parking, Leech Lake offers some of the most stunning and vibrant autumn vistas in the state. Minnesota’s third largest lake, Leech Lake is located in the Chippewa National Forest and boasts 195 miles of shoreline.  While you’re there, take a walk on the North Country Trail, which will eventually be part of the longest trail in the country.

2.   Saint Croix River

Cruise the St. Croix River for a lovely boat ride through one of Minnesota’s most brilliant fall color shows. It’s a good idea to check out boat regulations for personal watercraft when planning your trip as larger boats are limited to certain areas of the river and part of the river is off-limits to boats. But if you take the time to do your homework, you’ll learn there are plenty of great riverside eateries to check out while you’re there.

3.   Mille Lacs

Surrounded by the Lake Mille Lacs Scenic Byway, Mille Lacs Lake is said to be one of the most visually stunning locales for a fall boat tour. Minnesota’s second-largest inland lake, its name means “thousand lakes” in French. While you’re in the area, stop by Mille Lacs Kathio State Park to check out their observation tower.

4.   North Shore

We would be remiss if we left out Lake Superior’s North Shore. Fall transforms the North Shore into a magical land with two distinct fall color stages, first with its maple trees and next with its birches and aspens lining the shore.

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