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The Benefits of Awnings for Homes and Businesses

In this article awning manufacturer Canvasworks, Inc in Cokato, MN will discuss the most common benefits of awnings to help you choose the best awning style for your home or business.

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Proper care and cleaning of your new awning

After you’ve gone through all the effort of designing and getting your new awning installed you want to make sure you get the longest lifespan out of it possible. Not only do you want it to last, but you want it to look good while making your business or home stand out!

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Maintaining Your SnoCaps Trailer Enclosures

Our SnoCaps Trailer Enclosures are an ever growing segment of our business. Invented in 1993 by Duane as a solution to the problem of heavy enclosed trailers and the failure of snowmobile covers to protect snowmobiles from road grime and debris, our very first SnoCaps are still on the road today. 

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The importance of cleaning your awnings

Without regular gentle washing and care, your awning can quickly become covered in mold and dirt which can give customers a poor impression of your business.

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Welcome to CanvasTalk!

Throughout this blog we will be sharing industry tips and tricks, new information about the industry, as well as fun stories that we encounter while working on different projects. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“I had a new cover put on my pontoon in September. It was done in a timely manner and fits snug to the existing snaps. Quality workmanship, material and friendly staff. Absolutely love the finished product. Thank you so much. I would recommend Canvasworks to anyone.”

Darla H.
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