As soon as the ice thaws in mid-April, boating season is on in Minnesota, and that means it’s time to get your boat ready and head out to your favorite body of water. Whether you’re all about fishing, tubing, or cruising around the lake with a great playlist, our team at Canvasworks is right there with you. But before you pack up and take to the lake, why not take some time out for some sweet upgrades?


To help you make the most of your summer adventure this year, we’re sharing some of the best last-minute preseason boat upgrades you can invest in. To add custom boat upholstery to your boat upgrades this list, give our marine product manufacturers at Canvasworks a call today.

  1. Make your boat cell phone-friendly.

Even if you don’t plan to update the Gram while you’re out on the water, a mobile phone is one of the most essential things you can take with you. GPS can be a literal lifesaver if you end up stranded or have an emergency. Phones are also a lifeline to emergency services and a way to check in with friends or loved ones and let them know you’re okay. And perhaps most importantly your phone is where you store your summer music playlist.


But when your phone loses its charge, it quickly becomes nothing more than a paperweight. To make your boat more cell-friendly, you can easily install a couple of double-USB charging ports and some extra mobile phone holders.

  1. Boost your signal.

Did you know that you can boost your wifi signal while you’re out on the lake with a marine signal extender? These extenders can be used to amplify any cell signal so you and your passengers can remain connected, making for a safer ride and making it easier to send pictures of those big fish you catch!

  1. Clean up your act.

Does your boat have a built-in trash receptacle? Most likely, it does not, which means you’re left stowing your detritus in a bag until you’re back on shore again. With a built-in trash can, you can keep trash stowed out of view and empty it when you’re ready. Installing a trash can that fits behind your cabinet door is practically a free upgrade, and it’s extremely quick and easy to do.

  1. Shed some light on things.

Underboat LED lights are an easy, fantastic-looking upgrade that lights up the water underneath your boat. They also make docking in the dark safer and easier and add to your visibility while you’re out on the water. You can install surface-mounted LED lighting yourself in a wide range of colors and configurations.

Get Marine Products from Canvasworks

While you’re upgrading your boat, Canvasworks can help with high quality marine products like Bimini tops or boat canopy systems to make your ride more comfortable. To check out our work, stop by our online gallery. Then call us 320-559-0165 to order your custom boat canopy system or contact us online to connect with our marine product manufacturers today.