If you’re one of those wilderness-loving folks who can’t wait for the sledding season each year, putting away your snowmobile in the spring can feel like taking down the Christmas tree. But just because you’re not out on the powder doesn’t mean you can’t still be thinking about your favorite winter pastime. Spring is a perfect time to take care of those sweet snowmobile upgrades you’ve been thinking of investing in but haven’t yet gotten around to.


In this post from Canvasworks in Cokato, we’re breaking down some of the best off-season snowmobile upgrades for your sled this year. To learn more about custom snowmobile seats from Canvasworks, give us a call.

  1. Aftermarket Running Boards

Aftermarket running boards are a popular upgrade for many snowmobile owners. Stock running boards can allow snow and ice to build up, adding unnecessary weight and decreasing traction. Aftermarket running boards are usually smaller and lighter than stock running boards, giving you greater maneuverability. In addition, they allow the snow and ice to fall through them, increasing traction and keeping you safer. They are also relatively easy to install, making new running board upgrades an excellent option for upgrading your sled.

  1. Handlebar Risers

Many snowmobile riders swear by handlebar risers for getting that perfect stance while they’re out on the trail. If you're riding in the mountains, you'll find yourself standing regularly; risers allow you to stand more comfortably. Even if you don't stand often, they can make a huge difference in riding comfort if you're tall. A higher riser can also improve your leverage, giving you an advantage in deep powder. However, avoid going too tall with a riser; they can impede your vision when seated if they're too tall.

  1. Custom Snowmobile Seats

A good seat is essential to a great snowmobile ride. If your snowmobile seat is worn out or less comfortable than it should be, it can bring down the whole ride. Consider replacing the seat with a more comfortable seating option or replacing the seat upholstery with better-looking material. 


An uncomfortable seat can ruin your whole ride, and an ugly one your whole look. Not only is it painful to ride on a cracked seat, but doing so for long can damage your foam, leading to an expensive replacement. There are several options for replacing your seat's skin, from off-the-rack options to contacting an upholstery shop for a completely custom look. If you contact an upholstery shop, they can also modify your foam to create a more comfortable seat. 

  1. Snowmobile Wraps

Have you always wanted a customized sled that turns heads from the moment it hits the powder? If that's the case, a custom sled wrap is what you're looking for. Your imagination is just about the only limitation for color combinations and graphics for your sled wrap. You can go with an option that has already been designed or design your own. Depending on your comfort level, sled wraps can be installed at home or professionally. They are one of the cheapest ways to change your sledding look entirely, and it's a great way to make your sled the talk of the group.


Sled wraps also protect your sled from scratches and sometimes even dents. Of course, you'll more than likely end up scratching the wrap by the end of the season, but replacing a wrap is a lot cheaper than a new sled or parts.

Order Your SnoCaps Trailer Enclosure

Once you’ve invested in upgrading your snowmobile, you’ll want to do everything possible to protect your sled next season, especially from the road chemicals and debris while traveling to the trails.  SnoCaps Trailer Enclosures offer soft-sided, waterproof protection with durable Shelter Rite fabric, and they’ll last for up to 15 years or longer.


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