It’s springtime in Minnesota, which means it’s time to start thinking about summer fun and backyard barbecues. But between all of the great memories you’ll be making, your utilities can end up going up over the summer as your HVAC system works hard to cool your home. If your home has a south-facing room with a lot of windows, your electric bill can be downright shocking once July and August roll around. One way to curb those bills and make your home more tolerable during the hotter months is by installing an awning.


At Canvasworks in Cokato, we specialize in boat upholstery, trailer enclosures, as well as both commercial and residential awnings. Below, we’ll share how a residential awning can help reduce your bills this summer.

The Impact of Sunlight on Your Utility Bills

It’s natural to enjoy a little sunlight in your space. But depending on the layout of your home, there’s a chance you may be getting too much for comfort. An easterly view tends to bring in the most light early in the day. Adding an awning on the east side of a home can make sunrises more enjoyable because they allow you to enjoy the view in comfort. Some rooms can take on too much bright light during the heat of day, which can cause your home to become unbearably hot or force your HVAC system to run constantly. This is most common with south-facing rooms, but it can happen anywhere depending on the layout of your home.


Here are three ways sunlight can cost you money:


●        You spend more on electricity from home cooling costs.

●        Your HVAC system requires more frequent maintenance.

●        Your home furnishings become discolored and faded over time.

How a Residential Awning Helps Reduce Your Bills

Direct sunlight is responsible for much of the solar heat within residences. When you install a residential awning, it instantly provides shade inside your home. This keeps the inside of your home much cooler, significantly reducing your cooling costs. Your HVAC system won’t have to work nearly as hard by running all the time, which adds up to less frequent maintenance.

Residential Awning Options for Your Home

Think about a residential awning as a way to expand your living space. An awning creates an attractive and comfortable space to sip coffee in the mornings and take in the sights of the world waking up. It’s also a welcome space to unwind at the end of a long day.


Unlike mass-produced awnings, our awnings are manufactured to your specifications, which means they can be made to match your home and taste. During the design process, you’ll choose between fabric options like Cooley-Brite II and Sunbrella and even select the frame color of your preference. Call and speak to a member of our team at 320-559-0165 or contact us to order your custom awning and start making the most of your outdoor living space today.