One of homeowners' and business owners' primary concerns is maximizing their building's potential. On the commercial end, this means ensuring the building is, first and foremost, functional and efficient. In most cases, it is also vital that the building be attractive and appealing to consumers and increase your brand's presence. 

Homeowners have a similar set of priorities. We want our homes to be functional, energy-efficient, and visually appealing. While branding isn't such a concern, people still want their homes to reflect their personal tastes.

There are many ways to meet these goals, beginning with the initial design. However, not everyone can start from scratch with a new property or has the ability to pay for costly renovations, so we need to find ways to improve our properties without changing the structure. There are many ways to improve your building, from paint and landscaping to semi-permanent additions and awnings. 

At Canvasworks in Cokato, Minnesota, we work with businesses and homeowners to help them determine how best to improve their property with an awning. In this blog entry, we'll review a few of the benefits of awnings for homes and businesses. Read on to learn more!

Reasons to Love Commercial Awnings

The list of benefits when installing a commercial awning is extensive. A commercial awning is an absolute must for businesses with outdoor seating areas. Commercial awnings allow business owners to make the most of their patio or sidewalk space by protecting outdoor diners from the weather. At the same time, an awning strategically placed over your exterior walkway can create a perfect spot for sidewalk sales or special events. 

Here are a few more great reasons to add a commercial awning to your business:

  • Increase your company’s visibility while promoting your brand identity.

  • Protect your interior and merchandise from fading due to UV rays.

  • Reduce your energy costs by helping keep solar heat out.

  • Add a polished look to your building.

  • Reinforce brand identity.

  • Give customers a dry place to stand on a rainy or snowy day.

  • Add more seating and space.

Benefits of Awnings for Homeowners

By far, the most common reason homeowners want an awning is for shade. Installing an awning over a deck or patio instantly cools the area, making your outdoor spaces usable on even the hottest days during the summer. 

That shading benefits your indoor spaces, too. Shading your sun-facing rooms with an awning creates more comfortable seating areas, especially near windows, and it prolongs the lifespan of your interior furniture by protecting it from sun fading.

Studies have also shown that home awnings directly contribute to energy savings for homeowners by reducing heat gains during the summer months by over 50%. On west-facing windows, this number can jump to over 70%! This means less work for your HVAC system, saving you money in the short and long run. 

Take advantage of even more benefits of home awnings: 

●    Add a complimentary pop of color to your home's exterior.

●    Create a more enjoyable outdoor gathering space. 

●    Reduce energy bills, especially in the warm summer months.

●    Enjoy a more comfortable, temperature-controlled indoor space.

●    Protect your entryway or patios from inclement weather.

The Canvasworks Awning Creation Process

When you work with Canvasworks to customize your residential or commercial awning, you get a professional team that tailors your awning to your exact specifications. 

Precise Measurements

Our team helps you measure your space and calculate the size of the awning you'll need for optimal shading for your home or business. Your awning will be designed to protect your space and withstand the elements. 

Color & Branding Options

Our experts will guide you through the numerous color, fabric, and style choices so you can find the perfect colors to match your brand or home's aesthetics. Plus, our team can incorporate your brand's logo on the awning for an extra splash of everyday branding.

Custom Manufacturing

Once your awning style and fabric have all been chosen and measurements have been taken, our in-house manufacturing team builds your custom awning using heavy-duty aluminum tubing.

Our team heat welds the fabric seams for a longer-lasting, leak-free awning and will attach the fabric to the aluminum frame with either a staple stitch or lace-on style, depending on the needs of your home or business front. 

Maintaining Your Commercial or Residential Awning

With our high-quality canvases and custom manufacturing, taking care of your awning should be a simple process.

Here are some quick tips on maintaining your awning. Please see our complete awning care guide for in-depth care instructions. 

● Remove debris, like twigs and bird droppings, as soon as you see them to avoid stains and color fading. 

● Clean your awning regularly with a soft brush and clear, flowing water. You shouldn't need to scrub or use harsh cleaners, and never power wash your awning.

● Don't let water pool on your awning. Allowing water to pool on your awning will stretch the fabric, leading to more water pooling. If you notice water pooling on your awning, you will need to change the design of your awning or address a water problem occurring around your building. 

● Repair damages immediately. Even small tears are worth repairing before they become big and expensive problems. 

Warranty Protection & Recovery Services

All awnings from Canvasworks are protected by a 5-year limited warranty, with some of your fabric selections carrying an additional manufacturer's warranty. 

We also offer complete awning recover services. Here are a few signs your awning may need repair or to be recovered:

●    Branding or business name change

●    Faded fabric

●    Damaged fabric or framework

Contact Our Canvasworks Team for Awnings

If you're in need of a new commercial awning, awning recover, residential awning, or repair services, contact our awning manufacturers at Canvasworks in Cokato. Check out our online gallery to see examples of our awnings. 

We can design custom awnings in a wide range of styles to reflect your company brand, include your logo, or make your home stylishly comfortable! 

Call us at 320-559-0165 to order your commercial awning or contact us online to connect with a member of our team and learn more about how we can help you.