Winter is finally behind us, and summer is right around the corner here in Minnesota. Most of us are already starting to look forward to making summer plans and having fun with our friends and loved ones. For most Minnesota residents, the lake is already starting to call.


If your summer plans include time out on the lake, the boat upholstery and boat canopy pros at Canvasworks in Cokato can help you make the most of your summer fun. For this blog post, we’ve put together a list of everything you need to take on your lake trip for the ultimate day on the lake. To get your boat ready for summertime, give us a call.

Getting Primed for Fun

Imagine your perfect day out on the boat with your favorite people. Maybe you’re kicking back enjoying the sun, going for a swim, or fishing off the side of the boat. Whatever your pleasure, there’s nothing quite as good as the carefree vibe of lake living in the summer sun. And the only thing that’s better than hanging out on the lake is being able to take off at a moment’s notice. Having a list of your essentials can help you be packed and ready to go in no time.


Here’s a checklist of items to pack for yourself and your guests before you head out on the lake:


●        Plenty of Towels- Let’s be real, getting wet is a part of being out on the lake,  usually one of the fun parts! However, it can get chilly quickly at the end of the day or if you’re going fast. Making sure you have plenty of towels for everyone, and maybe a couple etra, can keep everyone happy and comfortable.


●        Good Food- Nothing makes a day out on the lake like a well-stocked cooler or a basket  full of your favorite snacks. Especially during this time of social distancing when the lakeside restaurants are closed.  It’s a good idea to bring something healthy to keep from feeling weighed down in the sun, but we won’t tell if you stock  up on chips and junk food, too.


●        Extra Clothing- Plan for an extra change of clothing. Whether you’ve changed out of your swimsuit or your original outfit becomes wet, you’ll want dry clothing for the drive home. A hat is also a nice accessory to protect your head from the sun.


●        High SPF Sunscreen- Sunburn is a concern when you’re out on the water, so don’t forget to bring sunscreen along. Make sure you pack a waterproof variety and are reapplying it frequently. While you are at it bring a good pair of sunglasses along too. UV radiation can be damaging to your eyes and sun glare is just plain uncomfortable. 


●        Hydration- Spending time in the sun can result in dehydration if you aren’t careful. Keep plenty of ice-cold water bottles in your cooler. You may also wish to pack something with electrolytes, some juice, or your favorite soft drink in addition to the water.


●        Plastic Bags- Grab some shopping bags or trash bags for your wet clothing, towels and garbage. That way, your car will stay dry on the ride home and your boat will be clean for your next day on the lake.

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