You’ve purchased a boat and a custom-fit boat cover, upgraded your dock with a boat lift canopy, and checked your boat upholstery to make sure it’s safe and comfortable to use. In other words, you’re ready to hit the water! September is a wonderful time of year to enjoy some lake fun with moderate temperatures and vivid fall colors. Fall is also a great time for fishing as the lakes cool down and fish activity increases before winter.


However, if you’re new to Minnesota boating, finding the right lake for you and your family can be confusing and overwhelming; we are “the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes” after all. Our experience fabricating custom canvas covers for the marine industry helps us highlight two popular lake destinations in the Greater Twin Cities area.

Lake Minnetonka

Lake Minnetonka is the largest lake in the Twin Cities metro; it’s over fourteen thousand acres large. Located a short 40-minute drive west of Minneapolis, Lake Minnetonka boasts seemingly endless coastlines and tons of places to dock your boat and eat. Aside from that, though, what else should you know before visiting one of Minnesota’s most popular lakes?


●        The fishing can be great. Largemouth bass, Walleye, Muskies, Pike, Sunfish and Crappie all populate the lake. Any type of angler will have a blast! Efforts are being made to keep the lake a great fishing spot; Lake Minnetonka is stocked with Muskie and Walleye on a rotating, two-year schedule.

●        Invasive species inhabit the lake. Eurasion Watermilfoil and Zebra Mussels have both been found here. No matter if you’re swimming, boating, tubing, fishing, or any combination of the above, make sure to follow proper protocol to prevent transferring these invasive species to other lakes.

●        It can get crowded. The lake’s location and size make it a popular destination throughout the year, which can lead to heavy boat traffic and, at times, crowded conditions on boat ramps. Make sure you are up to date on boat traffic laws and give yourself extra time to load and unload safely. Another option is to enjoy the lake on weekdays or get to the boat launch early in the morning to avoid the crowds.

Lake Pepin

Another popular tourist destination, Lake Pepin sits right on the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota. It’s a popular candidate for day trips from the Twin Cities area; with its quaint, down-home feel and numerous shops, it’s easy to see why.


On the lake, boaters will enjoy gorgeous views, as well as good fishing; the lake is well populated with a variety of fish species. Just like Lake Minnetonka, however, invasive species also call this lake home. Purple Loosestrife and Grass Carp have both been found here in the past, so make sure to take appropriate measures to avoid spreading these species!

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