After months spent stuck indoors to keep everyone safe, beautiful weather has finally come to offer a reprieve. Spending time out on the lake is a great way to get a break from being stuck at home while still practicing social distancing.


At Canvasworks in Cokato, we get as excited about boat season as our customers do. We want everyone to have a great time out on the water so they’ll come back year after year for help with their boat upholstery needs. That’s why we’ve put together this blog post to share our top tips for courteous boating while you’re out on the lake enjoying the natural splendor Minnesota has to offer. Follow this advice to make the most of your lake adventures this summer. 

Sharing the Water

There are few better ways to spend a sunny summer day than enjoying your favorite local lake in a boat. The hardest decisions you’ll be faced with are whether you want to skim the coastline checking out the sight, speed along in open waters, or hang out sunbathing. Whatever your favorite lakeside pastime, everyone will have a better time if you practice these basic etiquette rules:

1.   Respect the Docking Ramp.

No one wants to be stuck behind a poorly prepared boater getting ready on the docking ramp. Never use the docking ramp to load or unload gear. Before you pull up to the docking ramp, have everything ready to go.


Make sure your gear is loaded and boat cover is removed so you’re good to go, and take a moment to test the engine before pulling up. If your passengers aren’t ready, exit the docking area and wait to come back when they are. Have your boat driver ready to go once the boat hits the water if possible.

2.   Don’t Be Loud.

An overly noisy boat can be obnoxious and annoying. Make sure your boat has a proper muffler system that won’t ruin everyone else’s day on the lake. And remember to be respectful of others with your music and noise level while you’re out on the water.

3.   Be Aware of Your Wake.

Your boat’s wake can damage wildlife habitats, docks, and even other boats. Learn the right speed to avoid creating a wake and be aware of areas where a wake is not allowed or not advised.

4.   Respect Others’ Space.

Don’t buzz around other watercraft or drive too close. Not only is this rude but it’s also dangerous, especially when you’re around smaller watercraft like kayaks or canoes. Hang back from other boats and warn your passengers if you’re about to cross a large wake so they can hang on. Finally, be sure to use your horn to notify another boat that you’re about to pass them.

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