While the holidays can be a difficult time when it comes to finding the best gifts for particular people in your life, Canvasworks can make it easier to find a present for the boaters you know!


Experienced boaters know that owning a boat requires the right equipment when out on the water and when storing it for the winter. From eco-friendly boat cover solutions to customized dock tarps, our incredible craftsmanship can create the perfect gifts that every boater should have.

1. Boat Tops

Keep your boater comfortable while they’re on the water with custom boat tops. With multiple options all designed to meet your boater’s specific needs, boat tops are an essential for boaters who fish or want some shade on a sunny summer afternoon on the lake.


Our boat tops are made from high-quality marine fabrics that come in a variety of colors. Create a personalized top to add both shade and style to your boat!

Fisherman Tops

Ideal for boaters who fish, a fisherman top is tall enough to stand under and allows room to cast lines while staying cool in the shade. The top attaches to a boat’s windshield and can include side windows, aft curtains, and walk-through zippers for added comfort and convenience.

Sun Tops

A sun top is similar to a fisherman top but not tall enough to stand under. It’s comfortable when used for shade on sunny days but also adds protection when rain sets in. A boating day is never ruined when you have a sun top!

Bimini Tops

Bimini tops take the best parts of fisherman and sun tops and make them collapsible. Easily raise and lower a bimini top when you want shade or shelter, and there’s still plenty of room to maneuver inside the boat.

2. Boat Upholstery

Regardless of the type of boat the boater in your life may have, improving the upholstery for a more personalized look or added comfort is always a good gift option. Find the perfect style, material, and colors from our extensive catalogs and surprise your boater with a custom designed look for their boat.

3. Dock House Tarps & Boat Lift Canopies

Extend a customized look from your boat to your canopy or dock house tarp. Design tarps or canopies that protect your boat while at the same time show your favorite colors or support your team from the dock. When fabricated by Canvasworks, you can trust high-quality craftsmanship, brand name materials, and a long lasting product.

4. Boat Covers

Protect your boater’s boat and increase its lifespan with a custom fitted boat cover. It’s a necessary piece of boating equipment for the novice to the experienced boater, so gift one that fits perfectly, installs quickly, and protects boats when they’re not being used.


Our custom designed boat covers can be nearly any color you would like and cover types include:


  • Ratchet strap covers (winner of four Marine Fabrication Excellence Awards)
  • Snap on covers
  • Tie down covers
  • Pontoon covers

5. Winter Storage Boat Covers

When shopping for your Minnesota boater, it is important that they have a proper cover for winter storage. Shrink wrapping boats for winter is wasteful, so get an eco-friendly, reusable cover that fits snuggly for superior protection all winter long and lasts for 15+ years.

Boating Gifts From the Artisans at Canvasworks

For the highest quality and longest lasting boat covers, tops, and more, choose the fabricators at Canvasworks! Custom designed to your exact specifications, our team can produce the perfect boating gift for your boater.


Check out gift ideas for the snowmobiler and dog person in your life, too, and stop by our store in Cokato, MN! Or order by calling us at 320-559-0165 or messaging us online.