With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to find the right gift for all the special people in your life. If you’re searching for something perfect for the dog person in your life, look no further!


As accomplished dog trainers and life-long dog owners ourselves, creating tools for the betterment of our dogs is one of our passions. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to finding solutions for our dog training practices and use only high quality materials that benefit dogs, trainers, and owners alike.


Whether you know dog trainers intent on preparing their dogs for the hunt or trials or dog owners looking for a helpful tool to keep their dogs safe, our innovative team at Canvasworks has the right gift for your dog person!

For the Dog Trainer

As most skilled dog trainers know, the importance of using real birds when training your dog for the hunt is crucial. While bumpers and dummy birds can be useful, especially in the beginning or as part of your training routine, investing in birds truly creates bird dogs.


Jumping straight from training tools to wild birds is often too large of a leap for most dogs, so an intermediary step should be included in training— training birds or live, pen-raised birds. Whether using pigeons or farm-raised bird game, incorporating birds is beneficial for young pups as part of their initial training process, for dogs who are lacking motivation, and even for skilled dogs you want to keep in-shape during the off-season.


As a way to make training with birds an easier and more beneficial process, Canvasworks offers these helpful tools.

1. Bird Bags

In order to easily transport training birds to the field, a Canvasworks bird bag makes the perfect gift. The durable mesh material lasts for years and is easy to clean, quick drying, and prevents odors from absorbing into the fabric.


Since bird bags safely hold the training birds, the wear and tear on them is decreased and allows them to be used for a longer time when training. In fact, according to some professional trainers, a bird bag can pay for itself in a matter of weeks with how much more you can get from the training birds.

2. Duck Hoods

Another useful tool and good gift for a dog trainer who trains with live birds is a Canvasworks duck hood. When flyer training, the hood snuggly but comfortably fits over a duck’s head. The large air holes allow it to breathe, but with restricted sight, the duck is handicapped enough to be beneficial for training. Once on the ground, a blinded duck won’t move as much, making it a good catch for a training dog.


Our hoods come in a bright red color so they are quickly spotted by a trainer’s eye but not as visible for dogs. The hoods are also made of a highly durable material and can be used over and over again. Depending on how soft the dog’s mouth is, the hooded bird could be used multiple times, too!

For All Dog Owners

Whether you know someone training hunting dogs or you want to get a gift for a dog owner, give them something that will protect the health of their dogs for years. Traveling and hunting with dogs requires them to jump in and out of a vehicle all the time, and that action wears on their joints and back, increasing their chances of getting onset arthritis or other joint problems.


The team at Canvasworks created just the right tool for all dog people who want to give their dogs a low impact way of getting in and out of trucks, cars, and SUVs.

3. Dogs-Up Ramps

Made with an aluminum frame and marine carpeted body, this dog ramp weighs under ten pounds, is easy to clean, and is highly durable. It is exactly what dog owners need to protect their dogs and allow them a better way to enter and exit vehicles and dog boxes.


Ideal for working dogs, the Dogs-Up Ramp is also beneficial for senior dogs, dogs recovering from injuries, and any dog who has a risk for joint, back, and hip problems that can be exacerbated by jumping in and out of vehicles. 


Dogs-Up Ramps come in multiple sizes so any breed of dog can use them, and the ramps can fit nearly any size vehicle, too. Their lightweight structure makes them easy to lift and fit in vehicles so it’s always available when your dog needs it.


Additionally, you can get a protective cover with a Dogs-Up Ramp that attaches to the ramp and rests between the ramp and vehicle. The cover protects your vehicle from scratches or marks while your dog uses it, making the ramp and cover the best combo for dog owners!

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