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Dogs-Up Ramp

Different Types of Boat Covers and their Purposes

At Canvasworks a big part of our business is repairing boat covers, boat lift canopies, tonneau covers, bimini tops, and other covers. Many of these costly repairs can be avoided with a few small preventative steps.

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Introducing Your Dog to Dogs Up Ramps

Dogs up ramps can save your pet’s joints, especially for older, hardworking dogs who love to hunt. Here are four easy steps to help your dog master these devices.

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Indoor boat storage or Re-usable Winter Storage Covers? Two more options for winter boat storage.

Storing your boat indoors over the winter is a popular method for the obvious reason of complete protection from the elements.

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Material Matters - The importance of choosing the correct material for your boat cover.

We use different types of materials for different applications for a good reason. 

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The Dogs-Up Ramp in use

This video shows my dog, Mo, using the Dogs-Up Ramp. It only took him three tries to get it down, although we'll need to work on the that little hop at the end!

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Beautiful red snap on boat cover!

We notice various color trends throughout the years in the boat cover world, but the red is always an eye-catching option! 

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“I had a new cover put on my pontoon in September. It was done in a timely manner and fits snug to the existing snaps. Quality workmanship, material and friendly staff. Absolutely love the finished product. Thank you so much. I would recommend Canvasworks to anyone.”

Darla H.
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