Most states have public areas where any waterfowl hunter with a license and gear can enjoy hunting, and Minnesota is known for being one of the most beautiful places to hunt, fish, and enjoy the great outdoors!


As active outdoor enthusiasts, hunters and non-hunters are likely to meet on the water during the waterfowl season. Knowing how to share these spaces respectfully is crucial for all parties to fully enjoy what nature has to offer. Familiarizing yourself with Minnesota laws regarding boat safety and waterfowl hunting is a good place to start.


Read on for the experts at Canvasworks’s tips on staying safe on the water during the hunting season.

Avoid Opening Weekend

The first weekend of the hunting season is usually the busiest no matter what lake you’re on. Many hunters aren’t able to get out every weekend, but opening day is something few waterfowlers want to miss. Avoid going out on the water that weekend, at least if your lake or body of water is one where hunting is allowed.


Keep Within City Limits

Many lakes are unable to be hunted because they are within city limits. During the hunting season staying within city limits is a sure way to keep away from waterfowler hunters. Remember that some lakes are not able to be hunted only in certain areas. Other sides of the lake may be open to waterfowl hunting.


Stay Away From Decoys

If you’re boating and spot a hunter’s decoys, it’s best to assume there are hunters using the spot. If that happens its imperative you leave the area as quickly as possible, being careful not to get tangled in the decoys. Keeping your distance from a hunting party is always safer. If a group has set up their spot already, leave and find somewhere else to float, fish, and enjoy the day.



Avoid Early Morning and Late Afternoon

While hunters can be out all day, they tend to hunt in the morning and late afternoon when the birds are most active. Waterfowl generally head out for feeding right before sunrise and come back to loafing ponds or lakes when they’re done. The reverse happens shortly before sunset. Avoiding those hours drastically decreases your chances of running into an active hunting party.



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