For many Minnesotans, fall is one of the best times of the year. From cozy, oversized sweaters to pumpkin spice lattes and a world filled with brilliant autumn leaves, October can feel almost magical in the land of 10,000 lakes. But for many of us, the best thing about October is knowing what lies just over the horizon, and that’s a world filled with plenty of bright white, powdery snow.


If you’re looking forward to snowmobile season as much as we are this year, it’s the perfect time to start planning ahead for your snowy adventures starting with your snowmobile trailer. To help you get ready for your next winter weather adventure, our team at Canvasworks in Cokato, MN, is sharing this preseason snowmobile trailer checklist. Then, for your final preseason steps, give us a call today to order a custom snowmobile trailer covers that will stand up to winter’s harshest weather.

Safety First Applies to Snowmobiles and Trailers

When you think about snowmobile safety, the first thing that comes to mind is riding safely. But safety starts with making sure your snowmobile trailer is road legal and safe before you hit the road. trailer.


Taking the time to make sure your snowmobile trailer is road safe can mean the difference between a great time and an afternoon spent waiting for roadside assistance. Since snowmobiling means you’ll be driving on snowy, icy, and even damaged roads, it’s essential to do everything you can to keep your trailer in tip-top shape.


Follow these steps to get your trailer ready for the coming snowmobile season:


1.      Your first step in the fall is your last step in the spring. Store your snowmobile trailer properly during the off-season to make your preseason work easier.

2.      Clean your trailer and make sure the deck is in good condition. Replace the deck if necessary.

3.      Make sure your trailer lights are working. Check the wiring system to see if it needs replacing. We regularly see wires that have been chewed by rodents when installing our LED light kits. No one wants to replace their wiring during the middle of a snowmobile trip!

4.      Test your coupler and hitch to ensure they are fully functioning.

5.      Check your tires for tread wear, sidewall damage, and air pressure. While you're at it, take a look at your spare tire to see if it needs to be replaced or filled.

6.      Grease your wheel bearings and check their condition.

7.      Test your trailer brakes and adjust as needed.

8.      Double-check your wheel lugs and tighten them all.

9.      Check the condition of the axle and underside of the trailer.

10.  Check all the bolts on your trailer to see if any need to be replaced or tightened.

11.  Check your vehicle insurance and roadside assistance to see if any changes are needed.


Your trailer is ready to go for the season, but don't forget to continue the upkeep throughout winter. Salt, chemicals, and road grime can work a number on your trailer. After use, you'll want to clean your trailer and regularly perform quick checks on your tires, brakes, and other moving parts.

Order Your Custom Snocaps Trailer Enclosure

If you’re as excited about snowmobile season as we are this year, give us a call to order your custom SnoCaps Trailer Enclosure! Stop by our online gallery and then call Canvasworks at 320-559-0165 or contact us online today.