The holidays are right around the corner, and as we start to think about decking the halls and checking off our Christmas shopping lists, there’s another special holiday on the way for many. For those of us who love nothing more than taking to the trails with our snowmobiles, December 1st marks the beginning of the snowmobile season here in Minnesota. As you get ready to plan your first snowmobile trip of the season, you’ll want to take a look at your sled and make sure it’s good to go for that first ride.


At Canvasworks in Cokato, our love of snowmobiles inspired the creation of our custom Snocap Trailer Enclosures. These soft-sided trailer enclosures have the durability and performance to protect our sleds so they’re ready to go when we hit the trails. To help you kick off the season, we’ve put together this guide to getting your sled ready for the season. Follow these tips and give us a call to order your custom-manufactured trailer enclosure.

1.   Drain the Fuel Tank

Bad gas is bad news for your snowmobile, and gas mixed with water can cause a number of problems. If the gas in your tank may be compromised, you’ll need to drain your tank completely and dispose of the bad gas properly. This can happen when you don’t add a fuel stabilizer to the tank at the end of the season. Check the fuel requirements recommended by your manufacturer before refilling it with high-quality gas.

2.   Perform a Quick Inspection

Give your sled a once-over for signs of leaks and damage. Make sure no small animals have made your sled a home over the off season months. Check your throttle lever and make sure your sled starts up and runs as it should.

3.   Check Your Fluids

Ideally, you will have taken the time to service your sled before you stored it at the end of last year’s snowmobile season. But before you take your sled out for the season, you need to check all of its fluids. You’ll need to replace the chain case oil now if you did not do so before storing your sled. Top off your coolant, injection oil, and engine oil and check your brake fluid.

4.   Check the Track

You’ll need to consult your manufacturer’s guidelines to determine your sled’s track tension specs. Take a look at your track and inspect it for evidence of missing paddles and wear.

Get a Soft Sided Enclosed Trailer from Canvasworks in Cokato

The key to protecting your sled starts with proper storage. Inspired by aviation technology, our soft-sided trailer enclosures do the same amount of work as a traditional trailer enclosure.


To check out our SnoCap Trailers Enclosures, stop by our online gallery. Then call to connect with a member of our team at 320-559-0165 or contact us online to order your custom trailer enclosure and start your snowmobile adventures this year.