While you may think of a boat lift canopy as an accessory to lake life, they’re anything but. Boat lift canopies work to protect and prolong the life of any marine vehicle, not to mention make it more comfortable to ride in by keeping it clean and dry. It’s no wonder why so many docks have them.


Unfortunately, information on the benefits of boat lift canopies is in short supply, so many fishermen and lake lovers who would benefit from a boat lift canopy miss out. That’s why we’re happy to share the knowledge we’ve gained fabricating custom covers for the marine industry below. Read on to discover if a boat lift canopy is right for you!

Lake Life Gets Messy. Boat Canopies Can Help.

Lakes aren’t the cleanest, nor the most predictable of places. Local wildlife, sudden storms, and even other people can all take a toll on the infrastructure of a permanently docked boat Luckily, a boat lift canopy can help mitigate some of these hazards. How?


●        Boat lift canopies keep your boat safe in sudden storms. Minnesota weather is capricious; you never know when a sudden thunderstorm will strike. While boat upholstery is often designed to be tougher than interior upholstery, hail and flying debris caused by extreme storm winds can wreak havoc on it. You wouldn’t leave your open car outside in a severe thunderstorm, would you? Why would you do that to your boat?

●        Boat lift canopies provide much-needed sun protection. UV rays from the sun can cause boat upholstery to fade and crack, which eventually necessitates replacement. A boat lift canopy can reduce the amount of damaging sunlight that hits your boat or jetski, which helps keep your interior colors true.

●        Boat lift canopies protect your boat from birds. It’s common knowledge that seagulls, geese, and other lakeside birds can make a mess of boats. A boat dock canopy helps to prevent anything unpleasant from landing on your boat’s upholstery.

●        Boat lift canopies protect your boat from other people. Docks attract fish, and fish attract fishermen. While most people do their best to be careful of damaging boats, accidents happen, and sometimes a lure can end up inside a boat buried in upholstery. Boat lift canopies can help prevent this from occurring by blocking off access to your boat from the top.

●        Boat lift canopies let you ride in comfort. Aside from the lifespan-prolonging benefits listed above, boat lift canopies ensure you have a comfortable ride on your boat every time. Nobody likes sitting on wet upholstery or on upholstery that’s sat in the sun so long it’s too hot. With a boat lift canopy, the environment and temperature of your boat remain more consistent.


Despite the many benefits of boat lift canopies, they can allow dirt and debris to be blown into your boat. If you run into this issue consider purchasing a lightweight mooring cover to be used on your boat while it is under your boat lift canopy.

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