If you’re like us, you love hitting the snowmobile trails when the powder is deep. Can’t make it to the Rockies for mountain snowmobiling? That’s okay!

Our home of Minnesota is one of the best places to be when it comes to riding the trails on a snowmobile. With more than 22,000 miles of groomed trails managed by local snowmobile clubs, choosing the best place for an adventure is the most challenging part!

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In this post, we’re sharing our favorite sled trails in Minnesota to kick off your weekend snowmobile adventures. 

1. Soo Line South Trail, Royalton

Located in Royalton, Minnesota, and winding 126 miles to Saunders Junction in Superior, Wisconsin, this trail is considered the most scenic snow trail by many sled fans. 

This expansive trail includes plenty of farmland, trestle crossings, and stunning wilderness. Near the trail's center is Mille Lacs Kathio State Park, which features cabin and camper rentals. 

You’ll also find restroom facilities and dining opportunities here. 

2. Big Sandy Lodge & Resort, McGregor

The Big Sandy Lake area trails are a beautiful place to enjoy Minnesota’s scenic lakes in the winter. This resort offers more than 600 miles of groomed trails that connect to another 1500 miles of trails in the area. 

These trails are known for being meticulously groomed and are located just a half-hour north of Lake Mille Lacs. 

3. Willard Munger Trail, Hinkley

If you’re looking for something near the Twin Cities area, the Willard Munger Trail is just an hour from the Twin Cities suburbs. 

These deep woodland trails span 70 miles from Duluth near Lake Superior and offer a flatter long-haul ride than most. 

4. North Shore State Trail, Duluth

The C.J. Ramstad/North Shore State Trail stretches from Duluth to Grand Marais and covers 146 miles of what is arguably Minnesota’s most breathtaking country. 

This trail offers a panoramic vista with the remote Minnesota wilderness on one side and Lake Superior on the other. 

5. Taconite State Trail, Grand Rapids

Coming in just a few miles longer than the North Shore State Trail, this trail travels all the way from Grand Rapids to Ely. For 165 miles, enjoy this natural trail as it gives you a taste of all of Minnesota’s exquisite landscapes. 

Cut and wind through pine and birch forests, flat countrysides, bogs, and frozen streams as you meander to even more snowmobiling trails, like the David Dill/Arrowhead State Trail or hop off to explore a hiking trail in the north.  

6. Paul Bunyan State Trail, Brainerd

Starting near Brainerd at Crow Wing State Park, this is Minnesota’s longest paved trail and a “Signature Minnesota Destination,” according to the Rails to Trails Conservancy’s Hall of Fame. 

Paul Bunyan State Trail snakes northward to Bemidji for about 120 miles and is considered an ideal trail for beginners not quite ready to tackle natural trails. As it winds through peaceful forest landscapes, it gives snowmobilers a good dose of practice on wide, flat paths and steep, sharp twists. 

Plus, there are plenty of towns to stop in along the way for a food or drink pick-me-up! 

7. Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail, Mankato

Groomed for snowmobilers in the winter, this 39-mile blacktop trail from Mankato to Faribault doubles as a biking and hiking trail in the summer. 

As a shorter trail that wanders near pastures, farmland, lakes, a forested state park, and three small towns, you can ride most or all of it in a day and be back home for dinner! 

Coming Soon: Goodhue Pioneer State Trail, Red Wing

Another trail near the Twin Cities metro area will be the Goodhue Pioneer State Trail. When complete, it will take you through charming small towns like Red Wing, Zumbrota, Mazeppa, Bellchester, and Pine Island for a distance of 47 miles. 

Parts of the trail are already open if you want to enjoy 5-12 mile segments of tall grass prairies, hardwood forests, and idyllic small towns, but check back for when the trail will be fully open! 

Find Even More Snowmobile Trails On This Interactive Map

You’re sure to have a great weekend on any of the trails we’ve listed, and Minnesota seems to have a never-ending supply of gorgeous trails in all quadrants of the state. If you’re looking for something a little closer to home or even further away, you’ll be able to find it by using this interactive snowmobile trail map

So, which trails did we miss, in your opinion? Connect with us on Facebook and let us know!

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