Our SnoCaps Trailer Enclosures are an ever growing segment of our business. Invented in 1993 by Duane as a solution to the problem of heavy enclosed trailers and the failure of snowmobile covers to protect snowmobiles from road grime and debris, our very first SnoCaps are still on the road today. 


Whether you have one of our older models or the newer model, the maintenance is essentially the same. 


Step 1: After use head to the nearest self service car wash.


Step 2: Use the soap function and wash the entire SnoCap, making sure to thoroughly wash the velcro, zippers, and under any flaps. 


Step 3: Next use the foam brush and SCRUB your SnoCap. Don't be afraid to scrub vigorously, you will not damage the SnoCap. 


Step 4: Rinse the SnoCap thoroughly, especially the velcro, zippers, and under any flaps. 


Step 5: Now use the hot wax function. This will help the SnoCap look new longer as well as aid in future clean ups. 


Step 6: Next lubricate the zipper with a clear silicone spray from the inside of the SnoCap. This will help keep your zipper working smoothly. 


Now that your SnoCap is clean you have the option of using two different products on it, depending on the age of your SnoCap. If you have an older trailer enclosure with the stitched seams you will need to use Aqua-tite from Marlen Textiles. Follow the instructions on the package. If you have a newer SnoCap, with the welded seams, you can use Tire Black to renew the black. 


We are also currently testing a product called Salt Kleen to see if it effectively neutralizes salt stains without harming the fabric skins. 


Thank you and happy trails!