Sunbrella is the fabric of choice for many of our boat cover customers, making it imperative that we have great care instructions for those covers. Thankfully, Sunbrella makes it easy and provides a great care sheet with detailed instructions. You can find the information here: Sunbrella Marine Tops and Covers Care 


Just like our Top Notch covers, you want to make sure you NEVER power wash your Sunbrella cover. Doing so will strip the fabric of the protective covering and ensure that the cover molds quickly. In addition, make sure that your cover is completely dry and clean before folding it up for winter storage. Wet and dirty covers are very prone to stain producing mold!


As always we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have in caring for your new cover. A quality boat cover is an investment to protect your expensive boat, make sure it lasts by taking care of it properly.


Happy boating!