Our SnoCaps Trailer Enclosures are an ever-growing segment of our business. Invented in 1993 by our founder, Duane Smith, as a solution to the problem of heavy enclosed trailers and the failure of snowmobile covers to protect snowmobiles from road grime and debris, our very first SnoCaps are still on the road today — 30 years later! 

What makes SnoCaps Trailer Enclosures so impressive, long-lasting, and durable? How can you get the most out of them for as long as possible? Find out in this ultimate guide to the one and only SnoCaps. 

Benefits of SnoCaps Trailer Enclosures

Our road-tested enclosures are built to last with heavy-walled aluminum tube frames and protective skins made from Shelter Rite fabric, the same material used for curtain-walled semi-trucks. Custom-fit to your trailer, our enclosures are more manageable to haul because of the lightweight materials, but they are still sturdy and protective.

SnoCaps are versatile enclosures, too, and are ideal for covering snowmobiles, motorcycles, equipment, and more while traveling to your favorite vacation destination spots

Other benefits include: 

  • Lightweight but heavy-duty 
  • Waterproof
  • Easy installation
  • Removable and easily stored
  • Custom-fit to your open-bed trailer
  • Long lasting

SnoCaps Repairable Advantage

One of the best advantages of our SnoCaps Trailer Enclosures is their repairability. Severe weather, like a tornado or a hailstorm, can damage any enclosure. The same holds true for accidents. In many cases, a hard-sided enclosure cannot be fixed after an impact, but in most instances, you can repair a SnoCap!

Take a look at the trailer below. This SnoCap sustained a tear when someone ran into it in a parking lot.

A hard-sided enclosure would have been ruined because there's no repairing that sort of damage to the aluminum skin. However, in this case, the SnoCap was driven to our shop in Minnesota, and a patch was applied to the SnoCap that same day. 

Instead of an insurance write-off, this customer is looking at a repair bill, and he'll be out on the road in a week for the next trip out west!

Maintaining Your SnoCaps Trailer Enclosure

To keep your SnoCap in peak condition and ready for every snowmobiling adventure you plan year after year, follow this cleaning and maintenance guide. 

Plus, see our tips for prepping and maintaining your trailer so that nothing stops you from hitting the trails every winter!

Whether you have one of our older SnoCap models or the newer model, the maintenance is essentially the same. 

  1. After use, head to the nearest self-service car wash.
  2. Use the soap function and wash the entire SnoCap, thoroughly cleaning the velcro, zippers, and under any flaps. 
  3. Next, use the foam brush and SCRUB your SnoCap. Don't be afraid to scrub vigorously; you will not damage the SnoCap. 
  4. Rinse the SnoCap thoroughly, especially the velcro, zippers, and under any flaps. 
  5. Now, use the hot wax function. This will help the SnoCap look new longer and aid in future cleanups. 
  6. Next, lubricate the zipper with a clear silicone spray from inside the SnoCap. This will help keep your zipper working smoothly. 
  7. Now that your SnoCap is clean, you can use two different products on it, depending on the age of your SnoCap. If you have an older trailer enclosure with stitched seams, use Aqua-tite Green from Marlen Textiles. Follow the instructions on the package. You can use Tire Wet to renew the black if you have a newer SnoCap with welded seams. If you're unsure which model you have, call us, and we'll help you figure it out.

Quick Guide to SnoCap Storage

Most of us have a checklist of things to do when putting our sleds away for the season. But you also need to make sure you take time out to store your SnoCaps Trailer Enclosure properly. 

Storing your trailer enclosure the right way is critical since failure to do so can void your warranty.

  1. Start with a good cleaning: Don’t make the mistake of storing your SnoCaps Trailer Enclosure with dirt, dust, or debris that could lead to premature aging and damage. Before storing your trailer enclosure, take the time to thoroughly clean your enclosure and make sure it’s completely clear of any debris and dirt.

  2. Storing your SnoCaps Trailer Enclosure outside is fine: The skin and the frame can easily withstand the elements. However, avoid parking it under trees as tree sap can be damaging and difficult to remove. 

  3. Either store your SnoCap on your trailer: Leaving your SnoCap on your trailer is easily the most common storage method for SnoCaps Trailer Enclosures. Park your trailer as usual after cleaning your SnoCap and repairing any damage from the snowmobile season.

  4. Or, store it off your trailer: One of the many benefits of a SnoCap is being able to remove it from your trailer, so you have the benefits of an enclosed trailer and an open-bed trailer all in one. However, only SnoCaps bolted to your trailer can be removed, so consider this when purchasing a new SnoCap.

Please keep in mind that while your SnoCap can be removed from your trailer periodically, removing and reinstalling the enclosure constantly isn't recommended.

How to Remove a SnoCap From Your Trailer

If we installed your SnoCap, the frame was welded into one or two pieces, depending on the model. In this case, you can remove the SnoCap with the skin on it and stake it securely in your yard for summer storage. 

Stake your SnoCap securely since it will not have the trailer's weight to reduce the chances of blowing away in a storm. You can also hang it from a barn or shed rafters, either with or without the skin. If you remove the skin, roll it up carefully and store it where mice and other rodents cannot get to it.

If you installed your SnoCap at home, you could remove and store it, as mentioned previously. Otherwise, you can break your SnoCap down into smaller pieces and easily keep it in the box it was shipped to you in. But, again, keep your skin where mice and other rodents can’t get to it.

Please keep in mind that while your SnoCap can be removed from your trailer periodically, removing and reinstalling the enclosure constantly isn't recommended.

Take Your Snowmobile Where You Want to Go With a SnoCap! 

With quality workmanship, long-lasting durability, and a five-year limited warranty, your custom-fitted SnoCaps Trailer Enclosure will allow you to take your snowmobiles anywhere! No hassling with clunky, heavy hard tops or tarps that just flap in the wind and don’t protect your equipment. 

With a SnoCap, you get all the protection, stability, and customization you need to trek safely to your favorite spots. Get started on your custom SnoCaps Trailer Enclosure today by calling us at 320-559-0165 or connect with us online