One of the most important aspects of caring for your boat cover and interior is keeping them clean. A quick search online will turn up numerous options on cleaning both, one of the more common ones being power washing. Unfortunately, like we note in our care document, power washing is one of the worst things you can do to your boat's interior or cover. This is due to the sheer force of the water coming out of the power washer that literally strips the boat cover material and carpeting of its protective coatings and plastics. Once those coatings and plastics are stripped, mold and mildew quickly develop. Dirt and grime are able to more readily adhere to the material and carpet fibers as well, resulting in quicker dirt accumulation.

So if power washing is out, what's the best method for cleaning your boat's interior and cover? Good old fashioned elbow grease! Stay tuned for our coming blog posts in which we'll outline the best methods for cleaning your boat cover and interior in order to increase its longevity.

Happy boating!