As I detailed in our last post Powerwashing - Good or Bad? cleaning your boat cover isn't always as simple as you may believe. In this post I'm going to detail the easiest way to clean your Top Notch boat cover. Top Notch is a high quality 11.5 ounce material made by Marlen Textiles that is our main boat cover fabric. We also use Sunbrella, however I will detail the care instructions for those covers in a different post. 

When caring for any cover made out of Top Notch, whether it is a boat cover, boat lift canopy, or something else be sure to follow the instructions below. This will extend the usable lifespan of your cover, ensuring it will be protecting your toys or providing shelter for years to come. 


1)      Do not fold and store your cover wet or dirty, moisture and dirt encourage the growth of mold.

2)      Although Top Notch is finished to resist the growth of mildew, accumulation of organic material such as dirt, leaf debris, and animal droppings will allow mold to grow, resulting in staining of your new cover. Therefore it is important to clean your cover periodically to remove any dirt or debris. 

     a)    First, make a solution of 4 ounces bleach, 2 ounces mild soap, and 1   gallon of warm (100 deg F) water. Do NOT use any detergents.

     b)    Next, use a soft, bristled brush to gentle clean the fabric.

     c)    Now rinse the fabric thoroughly with clear water to remove any soil   and soap residue.

     d)    Allow the cover to dry thoroughly.

3)      Thorough cleaning and drying can reduce water repellency.  A periodic application of AQUA-TITE GREEN will improve the water and stain repellency.

4)      Never powerwash a boat canvas. It will remove the finish on the canvas, shortening the effective lifespan of your cover. They will begin to mold almost immediately. 


As always please contact us with any questions. We are always happy to help!