Dog owners are a special kind of breed (no pun intended). We love our pets like they’re family because they are, and that means we want to do everything we can to keep them safe, healthy, and comfortable. If you plan to take your furry friend out on the water, there are plenty of things you can do to keep them safe.


At Canvasworks in Cokato, we fabricate high-performance marine products to make life on a boat simpler, safer, and easier. In this blog post, we’ll share safety tips for keeping your dog safe while out on your boat and talk about marine products we offer to help make that easier.

Keeping Man’s Best Friend Safe on the Lake

As a pet owner, there’s nothing quite like sharing an adventure with your dog. Most dogs love the experience of being out on the water with the wind blowing their ears back, a smorgasbord of sounds and smells thrilling their senses.


If the fear of a dog overboard has kept you from sharing your love of boats with your pup, follow these tips to keep your best friend safe while on the lake this summer:

1.   Pack the Right Supplies Before You Go

Make sure you’ve got everything you need before you set a course for adventure. Bring a water dish and clean water to discourage your pup from drinking lake water, which can contain parasites and bacteria. Additionally, pack treats, dog food, extra towels, something for your dog to lie down on, and waste bags.


Bring a pet-friendly insect repellent, as mosquitoes can carry diseases and parasites. The sun can also harm your dog even through her fur, so ask your vet about a safe sunscreen to apply or consider having a custom bimini top installed for extra shade. Finally, bring a first-aid kit with your dog’s regular medication and first-aid ointments meant for pets.


2.   Reduce the Risk of Drowning

The biggest fear most dog owners have while out on the water is the risk that your dog could fall in. Purchase a canine life jacket, be sure it fits before you take off for the first time, and remain vigilant.


If your dog does fall into the water accidentally, call him to you rather than trying to get him with the boat, which can cause panic. And most importantly, never throw your dog into the lake or leave her unattended while on or near a body of water.

3.   Plan for Safe Boarding

Getting on and off of the boat can be dangerous for dogs. The last thing you want is for your pet to slip and become injured while boarding, and carrying your dog onboard is just as risky. At Canvasworks, we manufacture a sturdy Dogs-Up ramp to make boarding safe and easy for dogs.

Your Cokato Dog Ramp Manufacturers

If you’re looking forward to fun in the sun with your family pet this summer, our Cokato marine product and dog training manufacturers can help make your ride safer for you both. Give your dog the stability and width she needs to safely board your boat for summer fun all long with our 18-inches wide dog ramps. Or get the peace of mind you need to kick back and relax with the security of knowing he’s safe and secure in a custom boat enclosure.


We also make bimini tops so your best friend can stay safe and cool in the shade while you’re out on the water. Connect with a member of our team by calling us at 320-559-0165 or contact us to find out how we can help make your boat safer for your pet.