One of the best things about boating is the chance to spend time enjoying the bounty of nature from sunrises on the lake and fall color tours to Minnesota’s plentiful wildlife. But when that wildlife decides to turn your boat canopy into a new habitat, you can end up with significant damage to both your canopy and boat.


While you want to do everything you can to keep birds away from your canopy, it’s also just as important to take steps that won’t harm the local avian community. To help you keep your boat canopy in good condition and free of avian guests, our team at Canvasworks is sharing some of the best tips for maintaining a bird-free canopy.


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1. Get a “bird scarer” kit.

A bird scare kit, also sometimes called a “Scare Eye” kit, is designed to mimic the eyes of a larger predator bird like an owl or hawk. Since larger predatory birds are one of the greatest natural threats to smaller species of birds, these kits or balloons can be highly successful at keeping birds away from a designated area.


One of the best things about these kits is that they are extremely affordable, can be purchased online from retailers like Amazon, and are quick and easy to install. On the other hand, some birds who spend a lot of time in the area may eventually get wise to the decoy, so be sure to keep an eye out for how well your kit is standing up over time.

2. Use an ultrasonic bird repellent.

An ultrasonic bird repellent uses sounds in the range that birds can hear but humans can’t to warn off birds. These repellents are available online and in many stores that carry pest control and garden products.

3. Add some shiny or reflective items to your canopy.

While experts tend to disagree over why this happens, reflective items are a fairly effective bird deterrent. Anything shiny or reflective will usually work. You can string together old CDs with fishing line and hang them around your canopy.


Aluminum foil also works and can easily be placed around the canopy. Mirrors, mylar, and metallic wrapping paper are a good bet too.

4. Install bird spikes.

Another effective method for keeping birds from nesting on your boat canopy is bird spike installation. Bird spike rods are attached to overhangs using wire and are generally aimed at making it difficult for large birds to build nests since they just don’t have enough room to do it. However, they do tend to be less effective with smaller birds.

5. Install some bird netting.

Bird netting works similarly to bird spikes. Like bird spikes, bird netting is meant to deter birds from nesting. However, it is important to get the right type of bird netting as the wrong netting can be dangerous for birds.

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