There’s nothing quite like a flashy new boat to kick off the summer in style, even if that boat is just new to you. Whether you’re interested in renovating or customizing your marine seating and sleeping arrangements, Canvasworks in Cokato specializes in custom boat upholstery. In today’s post, we’re sharing our top ideas and inspiration to get beautiful boat seat upholstery that adds value to your investment and looks outstanding. Contact our boat upholstery pros to order your custom upholstery today!

Replacing Older Boat Upholstery

As boat owners, we love our boats, and we treat them accordingly. That’s why it’s important to use a professional team with expertise in marine boat upholstery when you’re thinking of updating your older boat’s upholstery. A marine upholstery expert uses specialized thread that won’t deteriorate and degrade when exposed to water and UV radiation.  In addition they will use marine specific vinyl that is designed to hold up well to the marine environment. Your new boat seats will be fabricated by custom fitting and patterning the new vinyl on your existing cushions, not by using the old seat skins as a pattern. Just like a boat cover, upholstery skins can become stretched or shrink in various places, resulting in a new skin that doesn’t fit the existing foam very well.


Before getting started, here are a few practical questions to consider while planning your upholstery:


●        What is the primary purpose of your boat?

●        Will your passengers include children?

●        Does your boat upholstery include sleep areas?

●        Will you use your boat primarily on freshwater or do you travel to saltwater areas as well?

Getting Inspired

After deciding to replace or customize your boat upholstery, it’s time to decide on a direction you want to go with the look of your boat upholstery. A great starting point is to check out our Canvasworks online gallery where you can see plenty of before and after boat upholstery projects. Next, you can stop by our shop in Cokato,MN, browse through swatches, and share your ideas with a boat upholstery expert.


These are some of the more popular directions to go when deciding on a boat upholstery design:


●        Practical: For boat owners who are reupholstering a pontoon or fishing boat, simplicity, comfort, and durability are at the top of the priority list. Wide seating and a simple aesthetic are popular choices. This is also the most common choice for people who plan on boating with children on a regular basis.


●        Sporty: This is a look that is most commonly seen on ski boats. The upholstery is often bright and flashy, designed to stand out from the crowd as much as the hull does. Stripes in contrasting colors that echo the look of the hull are also a good way to get a more athletic ski boat look. Diamond stitching, pleating, and contrasting threads are another option for those who want to spice up their boat seats. The sky is the limit when it comes to designing custom upholstery. Just keep in mind that it can get expensive quickly when you start working with stitching designs due to the time involved in creating the fancier stitched pattern.


●        Minimalist: A minimalist style is a solid bet if you’re looking for understated, contemporary upholstery that stands up to the test of time. Oftentimes a simple neutral color is used such as white, cream, light gray, or tan. Although occasionally boaters will opt for minimalistic styling in a bright color.


●        Vintage: The great thing about boats is that you don’t need a vintage boat to pull off a vintage look, and your upholstery can easily set the tone for a fun vintage vibe.

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