You've invested in a custom fit boat cover to protect your investment. Now you need to are for your new cover properly so it can provide protection for years to come. Below are some tips and tricks that we have picked up over the years to help you extend the life of your new cover. 


  1. Only use your cover for its intended use and be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions for proper use. Very specifically never use a cover for outdoor winter storage unless it is specifically designed to be an outdoor winter storage cover. Winter conditions are much more damaging to a boat cover, so the covers must be specifically made to withstand the unique demands.  
  2. Never powerwash or use harsh cleansers on your boat cover or canvas, doing so will remove the protective coating and can result in mold forming quickly. 
  3. The best way to wash your boat covers and canvases is with a soft brush and clear flowing water. Doing so will extend the life of your cover. Be sure to allow the cover to dry thoroughly before storing to prevent mold and thread rot. 
  4. Never store you boat cover or canvas under trees or in the shade. It promotes mold growth on the canvas. 
  5. Never store your canvas on the floor, it will attract mice. 
  6. Always be sure to clean and dry your canvas thoroughly before storage to prevent mold growth. Wet and dirty covers are prone to molding.
  7. The best way to store your clean and dry canvas is to roll it up, tie it with a rope and hang it from your rafters. This will lessen the chances of mice getting into the cover. 
  8. Repair any holes or tears right away to reduce the stress damage causes to the rest of the canvas. 
  9. Never use bungee cords for a tie down boat cover. They allow the cover to bounce, which wears both your boat and your cover. Always use proper tie down ropes. 
  10. Snap on covers don’t last as long due to the pressure put on the small snaps, this makes it imperative that you replace any broken snaps right away.


      Following these steps will extend the usable lifespan of your boat cover and canvas which in turn extends the lifespan of your expensive boat. 


     Happy boating! 


      Jennifer Smith