Custom boat covers. What's the point? You can just call up some canvas company you found online and they'll send the stock cover on over, right? 


Not so true unfortunately.


The stock covers they send you have the snaps already installed in specific places on the cover. Supposedly these will match the snap line on your boat. Sadly that is not always the case. The pictures below show the results of a stock cover for a boat that was sent to the marina along with enough snaps to create a snap line to match the snaps on the cover. The snaps on the cover did not match the current snap line on the boat, so the marina installed an entirely new snap line on the boat resulting in a beautiful new boat with more snaps (and holes) than it needs. 



Custom boat covers are fit to your individual boat and will follow your existing snap line reducing the number of holes drilled into your boat. Whether you come to us for your boat cover or use a different local boat canvas company, a custom cover is a great investment to prolong the beauty and life of your boat. 

Happy boating!