One of the advantages of our SnoCaps Trailer Enclosures is their reparability. Any enclosure can be damaged, whether from severe weather like a tornado or an accident. In many cases a hard-sided enclosure is not able to be repaired and in most instances you can repair a SnoCap. Take a look at the trailer below. This is a 32’ trailer with a 57” ProSeries SnoCap on it that was out in WY for a snowmobiling trip. Unfortunately it was run into a deck over trailer on the back of a truck, ripping the skin open like you can see in the pictures. A hard-sided enclosure would have been ruined in this case, there’s no repairing that sort of damage to the aluminum skin. In this case we are able to remove the skin and repair it easily. Instead of an insurance write off he is looking at a repair bill and he’ll be out on the road in a week for the next trip out west!