If you’ve never had a chance to experience the fun of riding a vintage snowmobile, you’re missing out. To be categorized as a vintage snowmobile, a sled must be manufactured prior to 1985. Vintage snowmobile collecting is becoming a serious hobby among snowmobile enthusiasts. These unique and boxy snowmobiles offer a unique riding experience with a classic look and performance.


At Canvasworks in Cokato, we specialize in creating custom SnoCap trailer covers for snowmobile trailers. In this post, we’ll talk about the fun of vintage snowmobiles and how we can help keep yours looking and performing great years from now.


Nostalgia for Days Gone By

It’s not surprising that in the Information Age, nostalgia for days gone by seems to be more prominent than ever. All of the bells and whistles of modern technology have many of us longing for a simpler time. When it comes to recreational fun, many collectors are drawn to the appearance of older snowmobiles. From their wide range of colorful styles to their unique frames, many fans of vintage sleds appreciate the variety that isn’t found in today’s snowmobiles.


For many snowmobile collectors, older sleds bring back memories from a time when we weren’t all tethered to our phones and obsessed with upgrading our vehicles. Seeing a vintage sled can immediately bring back plenty of long-forgotten but beloved memories.


A New Generation of Fans

While it’s true that many snowmobile collectors are those who recall enjoying the original models when they were new off the showroom floor, there are many younger fans, too. You may be surprised to learn that many Millennials are avid collectors of vintage sleds. Younger snowmobile fans appreciate the craftsmanship and style of older sleds, and many enjoy owning a sled they can work on themselves.


The technology of older snowmobiles is much less complex than modern snow vehicles and surprisingly easy to work on, as they had fewer electronic components. Younger owners can easily navigate the Internet to learn what they need to know to perform their own repairs or modifications, which creates a truly hands-on experience.


Snocap Trailer Covers to Protect Your Sled

Whether you’re thinking of purchasing your first vintage snowmobile or you are already a collector, you want to make sure you protect them to preserve their value. A restored vintage snowmobile can be worth thousands of dollars. Protect your sled while it’s on the snowmobile trailer with a Sport Series SnoCap designed to perfectly fit your trailer.


Each Sport Series SnoCap comes with the following features:


●        Affordable pricing for tilt bed trailers

●        Driver’s side fuel door

●        Zip-in back door

●        Front access panel

●        Quality construction


Contact Canvasworks for Your SnoCap Today

There’s nothing quite like the fun of taking your vintage sled to a convention or show. At Canvasworks, we can help make sure yours is protected while you’re on the road or at home.


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