If you’re a dog owner, you know there’s no friendship like that of our furry companions. And there are few better ways to show your pup how much you love them than taking them along for a ride in your vehicle. Whether they’re hanging their heads out of the window or happily waiting in the back, the words, "Do you wanna go on a ride?" are sure to get their tails wagging! 


But hopping into the car can carry its own worries, for you and your dog. That’s why investing in a dog ramp can be one of the best things you can do for both of you. 


In this post from Canvasworks in Cokato, Minnesota, we’re breaking down some of the reasons your pet could use a dog ramp. Once you're done reading, call us to order your Dogs-Up Ramp today!

1. Cars Give Her Anxiety

Most dogs certainly love a good car ride. But just like every human is different, some dogs find car rides stressful. Maybe your dog is new to the car ride experience. Or perhaps they have experienced past trauma related to a vehicle. 


Either way, stepping into the car can be a tough sell for these pups. However, using a pet ramp makes it easier to show a skittish dog they have nothing to fear. Then, after a few stress-free trips up and down, you’re one step closer to having a happy car companion! 


This Mastiff puppy is using a 60-inch Dogs-Up MAX Ramp to get into a van.

2. Your Dog has Health Issues

Unlike people, dogs can’t tell us when they feel less than their best. And even if they could, some dogs are on the stoic side and won’t show signs of pain or injury until they’re in pretty bad shape. 


If your dog has an injury or health condition, such as arthritis or joint damage, using a pet ramp ensures that you aren’t causing them pain or further injury. 

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Mud, who has had two cruciate surgeries, is using a 72-inch Dogs-Up Ramp to get into the back of a Chevrolet Tahoe.

3. He’s Past His Prime

Even if your aging dog isn’t showing signs of arthritis, remember that older dogs are much more likely to have joint damage than younger ones. Whether it is from degeneration or injury, this joint damage makes it more likely your senior pup will injure themselves getting in and out of the vehicle. 


Using a dog ramp can help your old dog avoid a broken bone or sprain from a slip on the way into the car, and it can allow them to ease their way out of your vehicle without taking a hard leap.

4. They’re Just a Puppy

One of the best things you can do for your young dog is to prevent joint damage and injuries from occurring in the first place. It may seem silly, but repetitive stress, like jumping in and out of a vehicle, can cause joint damage over time. 


Joint or bone injuries are also common when a pup that’s a little too exuberant catches a knee on the edge of a tailgate or lands badly and strains an elbow. Preventing these injuries from occurring can go a long way toward slowing the degenerative arthritic process. 


Plus, the younger you can train a dog to use a ramp, the more natural it will be for your dog to continue using the ramp as she gets older. 


Shade, an 8-week-old puppy, using a 48-inch ramp to get on an 18-inch high bench.

5. Your Car Is Too Tall

Getting into a large vehicle like an SUV, RV, or truck can be difficult for small animals. And even if your pup can easily jump into the bed or your pickup, it may not be the safest choice. 


Some smaller breeds are also more susceptible to certain spinal injuries than larger dogs, making it a risk not worth taking. Other large breeds are more prone to joint disease or injury, so it’s crucial to reduce the stress on their joints whenever you can, like by using a Dogs-Up Ramp designed especially for trucks and large vehicles. 


This 72-inch Dogs-Up Ramp is being used with a 2007 Chevrolet 3500 truck. 

How to Measure for Your Dogs-Up Ramp

Since our Dogs-Up Ramps come in different lengths, measuring and finding the proper size for your ramp is essential. Your ramp's length depends on your dog's needs and your vehicle's storage.


The best way to measure is to do the following:


●    Set a tape measure at the height of your vehicle where your dog will get in.


●    Slide the tape to an appropriate angle for your dog. This is very individual, but younger dogs can generally handle steeper angles. 


●    Now, you'll check your vehicle to make sure that a ramp that size will fit.


From front to back are the 57-inch, 72-inch, and 80-inch Dogs-Up Ramps against a 36-inch tall tailgate.

Order Your Dogs-Up Ramp From Canvasworks in Minnesota

Whether you’re thinking of spending more time traveling this summer or worried about the safety of an older dog, Canvasworks can help with a dog ramp for every ride. 


Canvasworks Dogs-Up Ramps are easy for canines to use, young and old. Unlike some ramps that can be too narrow, our ramps are a generous 18” wide, making them much more stable and comfortable for dogs to walk on. They’re also easy to clean and covered in ultra-durable marine carpeting to withstand plenty of outdoor adventures with your dog!


As innovators in dog training tools, boat covers, marine products, and the one-of-a-kind SnoCaps Trailer Enclosures, you can trust the quality craftsmanship in everything we create. 


To order your Dogs-Up Ramp or any of our custom-made products, contact us on the web or call us at 320-559-0165. Your best friend will thank you!