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High-Quality Pontoon Mooring Covers

Keeping your pontoon boat covered when it’s not in use is essential to keeping it looking its best. Interior replacements are expensive. The single most important thing you can do to extend the lifespan of your upholstery and flooring is to cover your boat. A custom, heavy-duty pontoon boat mooring cover from Canvasworks in Minnesota will protect your pontoon for years to come.

Our custom-fitted pontoon boat covers are an investment in your boat. Unlike one-size-fits-all, store-bought products, our boat covers are custom made by seasoned craftsmen using high-quality marine fabric. This extra attention to detail and quality reduces the wear and tear on your boat cover, extending its lifespan and protecting your pontoon. By adding heat-welded main seams, we eliminate the risk of thread rot entirely.

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Excellent Craftsmanship

When you purchase a commercial boat cover, you can expect a less-than-ideal fit. The problem with a universal mooring cover that isn’t a perfect fit for your pontoon is that it will invariably end up sliding around and rubbing on your pontoon, causing wear and tear on both your pontoon’s finish and your new pontoon cover. Anytime there is damage to your boat cover, you’re opening your pontoon up to the elements and inviting damage to the interior of your boat. By investing in a boat cover that’s custom-fit to your boat’s size and structure, you’re protecting your boat now and for many years to come.

All of our custom pontoon covers are handcrafted by our skilled marine fabric experts using the top-quality workmanship for which we are known. Different attachment methods are available for our pontoon covers, although not all pontoons can use every attachment method.

  • Custom Snap Covers
    For their snaps, pontoons typically use stainless steel screw studs due to their construction. Snaps are simple to use and the standard option with many pontoons. If your pontoon doesn’t have a snap line, it can be easily added.
  • J Clips
    J-clips are an attachment method that can only be used on pontoons that come with a built-in channel in its middle rail. Premier Pontoons and Crestliner are two manufacturers that sometimes have this channel. They’re much easier to use than snaps because with J-clips, boat covers are easily attached by pulling down the clip and sliding it into a groove. However, this is a more expensive option due to the time required to sew on individual J Clips.

    *Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to sell J-clips separately as we are not a Premier pontoon dealer.
  • Stay-Put Attachment Systems
    Stay-put fasteners are another option that is simpler to use than a traditional snap-on boat cover. Stay-put fasteners use a knob installed onto your pontoon. This plastic knob includes a groove for attaching your cover’s Stay-put shock cord, which is sewn into your boat cover with an additional attachment knob. Like the J Clip options this is also more expensive than traditional snaps due to the time involved with installing the Stay-Puts.

Please read our blog on snap lines for more information on these attachment methods.

Custom Options for Your Pontoon

Simplify your life with custom options for your pontoon boat cover.

  • EZ Grab Loops
    Snapping on your cover is easier than ever before with EZ grab loops. These straps make it simple to tension your pontoon cover properly, which saves your hands!
    Pontoon Boat Cover
  • EZ Entry Zipper
    With an easy entry zipper, you can enter your pontoon without having to remove the cover. This is a popular, time saving option for many pontoon owners.
    Close up of CanvasWorks Pontoon Boat Cover
  • Travel Cover Option
    Protect your boat when you’re on the go with a travel cover with a lower pitch than our traditional custom pontoon boat covers. Please keep in mind that the lower pitch of the travel cover does cause the cover to be slightly more prone to pooling, so we only recommend this option if your primary protection concern is during travel.
    Pontoon Boat Travel Cover

Powerful Limited Warranty

Most commercial boat covers come with a one-year warranty. But when you purchase one of our Canvasworks customized pontoon boat covers, we stand behind our workmanship with a comprehensive five-year limited warranty. For five years after your pontoon mooring cover is completed, you’ll experience the protection of a warranty that covers your boat cover’s materials and workmanship.

Your warranty coverage includes weld failure, stitching failure, snap failure, and more. It also protects against holes from wear in the canvas if you’ve been storing, caring for, and using your pontoon cover correctly.

Custom Canvasworks Marine Cover Craftsmanship

Our experienced craftsmen have been hand-crafting beautiful custom boat covers since 1979. Using state-of-the-art technology to streamline our process, we create the most expertly crafted custom fitted pontoon covers in the industry.

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